List of 5 Pakistani celebrities who are fighting against cancer
13/Dec List of 5 Pakistani celebrities who are fighting against cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease which is spreading across the world at a very high rate. It has taken a lot of lives up till now and the slope is not declining even a bit. Besides having a lot of techniques like chemotherapy and radiation which can be used to beat cancer, it somehow wins in most of the cases. And this is the most heart aching fact. Like all the other places in the world, doctors are struggling to derive ways to fight this scourge illness in Pakistan as well.

Except for the common people, there are some Pakistani celebrities as well who are carrying this disease along with them, but one cannot get even a hint of this when they appear before us on screen. Here is the list of 5 such celebrities.

  1. Naila Jaffery

The famous Pakistani television celebrity Naila Jaffery is diagnosed with a second stage cancer, but she bravely fights it and passes each therapy with a smiling face. She has shown that she is way stronger than this.

Naila Jaffery struggles against cancer
  1. Asma Abbas

Asma Abbas is Bushra Ansari’s sister and has gain much fame due to her stunning acting in most of the famous TV dramas. She also has cancer, but she continues her journey and is still working in TV dramas.

Asma Abbas fights against cancer
  1. Ruqaiyya Yousuf

Ruqaiyya Yousuf is the elder sister of Syra Yousuf and is no more with us as she lost the battle with cancer and died. Syra Yousuf was left heartbroken after finding that cancer runs in her family.

ruqaiyya yousuf died of cancer
IMAGE COURTESY: Whispering Girls
  1. Palwasha Yousuf

After the death of elder sister Ruqaiyya Yousuf, now Palwasha Yousuf is also suffering from cancer. Palwasha is a very successful model with her striking looks, and she just doesn’t want to let go of the disease after her elder sister’s death.

Palwasha Yousuf fights against cancer
  1. Shehbaz Sharif

Shehbaz Shareef being the Chief Minister of Punjab was seen to be very active in the country affairs a few months ago. He is also fighting with backbone cancer and gets his treatment done every month. In previous days, he flew to London for a surgery regarding his disease.

Shehbaz Sharif fights against cancer

This is one devilish illness, and we all can just hope and pray for the souls suffering from the painful grasp of the disease that they get perfectly fine by the grace of God.

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