The Love-Hate Relationship Pakistanis Have with Winter Weddings
26/Jan The Love-Hate Relationship Pakistanis Have with Winter Weddings

The entire world is familiar with 4 simple seasons: Spring,summer, August and winter. But in Pakistan,we’ve added to the list by celebrating events so grandly that they’re like a season for us – You know like cricket season, Eid season, exam time, and the very chaotic Wedding season!

Near the November to January time slot, relationship statuses are changed on Facebook, invitation cards are distributed in bulk, and it seems like everyone is either preparing to get hitched themselves or are busy planning someone else’s nuptial affairs.

So let’s once and for all breakdown this love-hate relationship we Pakistanis have with winter weddings.

  1. The Struggle of either wearing a Fur coat or Freezing to Death!

So when you were buying that dress with the delicate lace and net sleeves in July, the thought of how much exposure it would give to your bare skin never really crossed your mind. But when you revert to that same dress in December (because you have no more warm clothes for the never ending wedding functions) you can’t help but feel like Anna in Frozen – Yep its “Cold, cold, cold!”

Gif 1

The choices we have left is to either look like Santa clause in a fur coat or showing up pale! *Sigh

Gif 2

  1. Winters are for Sleeping and having Coffee. No one has the Energy to look Pretty!

I will forever regret not being born a rabbit or a bear. Only because they are allowed to hibernate in the winters and I am forced to socialize in these never ending weddings!

I mean aren’t winters made for sleeping, snacking and Netflix? Why does the world not understand!

Gif 3

  1. You never have a ‘Winter’ Appropriate Dress because you can only wear it twice before the season changes, and it NEVER seems like a Good Deal

Every year I tell myself I need to go shopping for winter and not live in my hoodie for the next 3 months. And every year I manage to disappoint.

No seriously, every girl has a miny heart attackwhen she receives a wedding invitation inJanuary only because wenever have anything to wear that is both pretty and won’t give us hypothermia!

Gif 4


  1. Dry Skin equals to Patchy Makeup

So makeup is already a tedious, technical and frustrating activity (solely my opinion) but in winters it’s like ten times worse. The lack of moisture in the air makes our skin as dry as the Saharan desert and anything you apply makes you look like a puff pastry.

Gif 5

  1. Appetites become so much more Ferocious in Winters, and who doesn’t love Shaadikakhana?

Is this just me or does everyone feel more hungry in winters? Especial during the nights when those midnight hunger pangs strike.

That’s why Shaadikakhana is definitely something to look forward to!

Gif 6

  1. Winter weddings mean a Diverse Menu!

Speaking of food, one thing I am definitely appreciate of in winter weddings is a twist in the typical biryani and korma menu with more varieties. I’m talking soups, fish, prawns, gulabjamun and gajarkahalwa!

Gif 7

But then this Happens…..

Gif 8

But who cares right

Gif 9

  1. Well better than melting in the summer at least!

But it’s okay, even though there are a lot of things that we don’t love about winter weddings one thing for sure, they’re still much better than summer weddings that melt us alive!

Gif 10

So Enjoy the wedding season while it lasts.

Gif 11

And once it’s over you can enjoy the rest of the season with an exciting winter holiday in Northern Pakistan!

Gif 12

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