Making money online through crowd-sourcing
09/Jun Making money online through crowd-sourcing

Making money online is a dream a lot of people have.  You do not need to leave your home to make an income, you can work whatever hours you want, and you do not have a boss telling you what to do.  But of course, how to do so while making a decent income is not quite obvious or simple.  One good way to start making money is to do crowd-sourcing websites.  How they work is this: employers offer simple tasks, such as transcribing some text or finding some information online, in exchange for small amounts of money, typically a few cents for a couple of dollars. Some sites offer surveys and psychology or market research.

Crowd Flower and Mechanical Turk by Amazon are the two biggest sites for this.


Find tasks worth your time


worth your time


The biggest goal here is to find tasks that are worth your time.  When you sign up, you will clearly have no tasks completed yet- so the first goal is to show that you are a good employee.  There are two stats that these sites track that are relevant- the number of tasks that you do and the percentage of these tasks that you did well enough for the employer to accept them.  Your first order of business then, is to find some tasks that can be completed very quickly and you can do well- do not worry about how much they pay, this isn’t important yet.  Try to do several hundred tasks like this, it might take a couple days, but if you do well you’ll have a nice number of tasks under your belt, and you’ll be ready to tackle bigger and better ones.

How to make money online through these platforms


Make Money Computer Key


From here, surveys first pay the highest per time, though not many will be offered at any given time.  Any day you do crowd-sourcing work, you’ll want to make sure that you do these surveys first, you can make a decent amount of money very quickly this way.  Next you want to search by task to see what is a good task to do- do not worry, most of them are self-explanatory and simple to do, the tasks posted will walk you through the process.  Tasks start being a good deal at 5-10 cents, anything below this is rarely worth the time because it takes time to load the pages- which isn’t good. Find tasks that pay higher, and note that sometimes employers post writing tasks- these are actually the best, as long as they pay a decent amount per word, so consider doing those as well.


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