Why you are never able to save the money that you earn
30/May Why you are never able to save the money that you earn

Just as any other kid in the world, I’ve always been ungrateful, complaining how my parents are always saving money. I have always felt infuriated with the care with which they spend on money on themselves. They’d always compromise, buy us things rather than purchasing something they’ve been longing for. Why are people with jobs so uptight about spending and saving money? Why is saving money so important? How can you have money in your pocket and still not buy things you’ve desired for so long?

The importance of saving money…

The importance of saving

I have already mentioned my frustration about this peculiar matter of earning and saving money above. But I got my answers when I got my first salary a couple of months back. I’ve had my own money before, when I got my high school and college scholarships. I spent all that money so carelessly without second thoughts. I had little needs back then and more wants. So I would spend money on books, food, clothes and other girly items I wanted but never needed. my parents used to lecture me about how I’m so ignorant and careless when it comes to spending money and I used to frown because spending money used to given me a sort of power and control (and I really liked that). What really opened my eyes was the first time I got my paycheck and I felt like burying it deep somewhere in the mountains where no one, not even my, myself can access it.

Earning money

Earning money

I felt this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment that I had this money not because I deserved it but because I had earned it. Along with this feeling of joy, came the sudden realization that I cannot and shall not spend this money on anything but my needs. The desire of fulfilling my wants had just disappeared into thin air as if it never existed. I felt responsible and obliged t exercise self control and the first thing I did with my first salary was deposit it into a bank because I knew I had save up. Ever since, my job has felt both like a blessing and a curse. I know I have to work hard enough to deserve what I earn and then I have to save it. I go to the mall and I come across a gazillion items, which make my heart skip a beat. Especially around the Christmas holidays when there are these really heart throbbing, enticing sales and everything is on a 50% discount, that’s when my patience and self-control is truly tested.

I truly respect parents all around the world who have been earning and saving money up for so long. Who have been suppressing their wants and putting our needs above theirs in pure honesty. If only everyone realized how hard it is to earn money, everyone would start spending it wisely. One can only hope for a day when everyone steps out of this ignorance.

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