Once again chaiwala has taken over the internet with his killer photo shoot
02/Jan Once again chaiwala has taken over the internet with his killer photo shoot

Arshad Khan, most commonly known as chaiwala has transformed into something really hot. A couple of months ago, Arshad Khan came out of nowhere and stole the show. It was totally sudden and even he didn’t think of that. With just a single randomly taken picture, he became the center of attraction for the whole nation and even for the people all across the world. The term chaiwala was spread everywhere as quickly as the fire gets spread in a forest. And soon after that, everyone was seen writing and posting about chaiwala, even people from our neighboring country.


Now, after few months, Arshad Khan has once again taken over everyone’s newsfeeds since his recent photo shoot is out. Here are some of his pictures from his recent photo shoot done by Azeem Sani.

IMAGE COURTESY: Daily Pakistan

Before this, Arshad Khan used to make tea for his customers on a roadside stall and also used to serve them. Maybe those customers didn’t know then that they are being served by the future famous celebrity. How honored they would be feeling right now no?

When in an interview, Arshad Khan was asked as to what he is going to proceed with in the coming future he said:

Movie drama ma kaam krne ka socha nahi kyu k ye hmarae khandan ma nahi ha. Koi saaf suthra, ghairat wala kaam mila to karein gy. Lekin filmein dramay ka socha nahi. Na karte ha na karein ge.”

Anndddd here comes the ghairat wala kaam!


Yes! Arshad Khan has recently worked in a music video. Well! Looks like, he keeps on making it up to the headlines and keeps on surprising people with his unbelievable personality transformation and totally changed lifestyle.

It’s strange how people get changed in a matter of days. One day, they are something and a few days later, they are something else, entirely changed, with a new life, with different goals.

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