Pakistani Teen Makes It To Google Hall Of Fame
30/Jun Pakistani Teen Makes It To Google Hall Of Fame

Proud moment for Pakistan, 14-year-old Shahzad from Pakistan has been enlisted in the Google Hall of Fame as a security researcher


Pakistan is recently seeing a significant boom in the IT world. Pakistani startups are revolutionizing the internet in 2016 and this teen has taken it to a next level. Shahzad is a well acknowledged ethical hacker already made it to the Hall of fame in tech giants like Twitter, Microsoft, Apple,  and e-bay.  The young teenager started in the ethical hacking after his father’s email account was compromised. Ever since then he has started exploring various software and checking the vulnerabilities in them, eventually becoming a security researcher at such a young age.

14 year old security researcher from pakistan

2 years ago, Shahzad addressed the lock bypass bug in Android 4.4. Even though someone had already given the solution but Google appreciated him for the effort. After that, he was in touch with Google and kept reporting and finding security issues in their acquisitions websites. Google has given him a feature in Google hall of fame for his work.


If you think this is it, you are wrong. Shahzad has a rich portfolio and a vast experience in the tech industry. He has worked as a designer at Designburg and offered his startup idea to Plan9 Launchpad. Universities in Pakistan that are relevant to the subject like NUST and UET are inviting him as a guest speaker and share his experience with others. This teen so bright at this age might be a wonder kid in the future. He aims to target MIT for MS in future

Google has always been promoting people and appreciating real talent and innovation to come forward. The hall of fame has over a thousand people listed for contributing to Google products.


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