How Pakistani weddings work
02/Jun How Pakistani weddings work?

Today I’m going to enlighten you guys with some unfathomable truths about how marriages and relationships work in the East. I come from the privileged class of Pakistan where we get to go to best schools and colleges, and are granted enough freedom to take important life decisions on our own. Marriage is a concept we cannot deny because our religion and society expects us to legalize everything we do. Marriage therefore is a legal contract for two people who want to pursue a relationship.

How does marriage really work in our society?

Okay, there are generally 3 scenarios for any marriage here in the East

  • Marry your cousins – relatives
  • Arrange Marriages patched up by your parents
  • If you’re lucky enough you find someone you like or love


  1. Marrying your cousin

Marrying your cousin

Most of the people consider the first two under the same category. But I will especially shed light on the first scenario. You don’t call it an arrange marriage, because hey your parents never really patched it up. it was just there, since the beginning of time. It was an arrangement that was made long before you were born. You were raised up to be married with in your family to your uncle’s son who probably fell in love with someone else somewhere along the way.

  1. Arrange marriage

Arrange marriage

Then comes the arrange marriage where your parents just agree to the first proposal that comes their way. Of course, they evaluate them based on a certain criteria which is mostly money, family background, family lifestyle and that’s about it.  You don’t get to decide or choose here either. You’re just expected to conform and it doesn’t matter if you like beef and the guy is a vegetarian as long the families are able to gel together. You spend your entire life dreaming about love and then all of a sudden you’re thrown into the hands of a stranger you know nothing about except that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with him/her.

  1. Love marriage and Pakistani weddings

love marry

The third kind is the lucky lot, exceptionally less in number though. if you’re really lucky, you have no eligible bachelor cousin and you happen to come across some amazing person who falls in love with you and looks past all your flaws and chooses to spend eternity with you. there is no midway. you are not given the freedom to choose who you want to spend your life with. If you do, you have to fight a battle to convince everyone around you. This is how marriages work out in the East. Bound by cultural norms and religious morals.

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    1. Being a veg or non veg is not a concept, its a choice that people are free to make. Some people avoid animal products for dietary reasons and others for their personal beliefs. 🙂 Doesnt have to do anything with the country you live in

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