23/Jun Are you planning to SLEEP this EID 2016? DON’T…!

Eid arhi hay, sonay ka time milega. This is most common approach to Eid most of us have. But why do the same thing over and over? Jo sotay hain wo khotay hain:P Chalo kuch naya karen


Eid 2016 aka choti Eid is almost knocking our doors as Ramzan passes. Eid-ul-fitr is a festival for Muslims after fasting for an entire month. All of us would be busy in shopping the best dresses, the matching accessories, the mehndi and choorian but all that fun and excitement almost washes away as the real event begins. As kids it was fun to go out and collect eidi from everyone be it your relatives, friends or neighbors. However, time flies quickly and we can no longer do stuff we used to do as kids to enjoy Eid.


Say No to sleeping this Eid

As teenagers and specially adults, it gets hard to live Eid to the fullest. Eid 2016 is just around the corner and most of us are still figuring out whether to sleep it on or watch one of our most awaited seasons. We need to realize that this is an event of pure joy and celebration for billions of people around the world and we should not just waste it or think of ways to kill boredom this Eid.  The good part is that this Eid might be a long weekend because Eid 2016 start day would be either Wednesday or Tuesday which makes it super exciting because 3 days of Eid and 2 days of weekend would be a big deal for anyone.


Try having some fun


Here is a list of fun things you can do this Eid 2016 without having to sleep it on or watch some silly TV series


  1. Disappear


In this technologically advanced age, we are never free.  Even if it is 3 am at night, you are in an intimate conversation with your partner and all of a sudden his whatsapp messenger will steal the night away. On a dinner table, families hardly interact because everyone is busy ticking their smartphones. To break free of the stress, anxiety and too much of social attention, you need to switch off all your devices and travel to a place where no one can disturb you. Give yourself some time because you deserve it the most. Be anywhere you like and can afford. Doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive resort, it can be any place on Earth where you can be at peace.


  1. Reconnect


This one might be tough but Eid is an event of pure joy and acceptance. Try to meet someone who has hurt you in the past and you have not talked to in a long time. It can be your ex-partner, someone in the family, your ex best friend or anyone that you have hated for long. This Eid 2016, forget and forgive. Hate is never going to take you anywhere.

  1. Be empathetic


Develop some empathy, the core message of Ramzan, eid and Islam. Visit less privileged of the society without being judgmental of their clothes, accents and appearances. Look deep and try to feel the pain and the emotions they are through. You will value your life more and be grateful for what you have. Try paying a visit to an orphanage or an old house. This is the best way to develop empathy


  1. How about a get together

    How about a get together

    If you have a job, or have moved to another city for working, you would be hardly in contact with your old friends, only one or two maybe. Don’t be picky this Eid 2016 rather call up your favorite batch and don’t miss anyone. It would be great fun when all of you get together and recall all those silly names and stupid things you used to do together

  2. Go Paragliding

    Go Paragliding

    If you are an adventure lover and want some adrenaline rush, you can take advantage of this long weekend to go paragliding. Yes, don’t be shocked, they do offer it in Pakistan, khanpur dam near Islamabad. You can register for a fun course with your family or friends whatever you prefer. It will be an experience worth remembering for life

  3. Organize stuff

    Organize stuff

    If you are busy mom, running a business or a social teenager, you would hardly find time to look after each and everything in your routine. Or maybe you are just a lazy person, find out if you are a lazy person. You always have things that you never throw because they are important yet you never get the time to organize or fix them. You can use this time for a DIY project and build something from your old stuff or organize your closets, wardrobes, notes, business plan or whatever needs attention to detail.

  4. Meet someone special

    compliments you

    If you have someone special in your life, you can take this opportunity to meet them. Make sure it’s not just an ordinary meet up rather come up with some ideas to make it a super special one. Read about top ten ways to surprise your partner, and use one of them to make it super exciting for yourself

  5. Revive your childhood

    Revive your childhood

    Remember bell baja kay bhagna? Fruit torna? Sharaten krna? You can still do all of this with your friends. Fun knows no limits and there are no boundaries to it. You can get together with your childhood buddies and do some silly things that you used to do as kids. It might feel weird in the start but it would definitely charge you up.

  6. A family vacation

    A family vacation

    Plan a family vacation to your village or any place that your family would love to go. Don’t be a spoiled sport rather enjoy this time because it will not come back. If you be in Lahore, don’t miss these amazing desi food places Lahore has to offer.

  7. Cook, Bake, Eat

    Cook, Bake, Eat
    If you are a food lover or like to cook, take some new cooking courses this Eid 2016 and bake, cook or eat amazing dishes.

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  1. Alaaaaa …Nice and intersting tips list of fun things you can do this Eid 2016 without having to sleep.we should try to fun on Eid.

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