Are Politicians Actually Dumb or They Play It Well
28/Jun Are Politicians Actually Dumb or They Play It Well?

We have all liked and shared the post regarding Qaim Ali Shah and Junaid Jamshed’s death. Most of us would have laughed our asses off on such a silly mental level of this person. This is not the first time for such a case to happen. We often come across dumb statements by politicians that make us wonder how someone can be so stupid.  Be it our prime minister or the senior people in ministry we have always seen such stuff happening
Well, let me bring something to your attention. People operating at such sensitive levels are NOT DUMB AT ALL. The thing is that they just play it well. Want to know how?

Playing Dumb Definition



playing dumb definition

According to dictionary definition, playing dumb is a verb where someone pretends to be stupid in order to deceive others or achieve some secretive goals. You might still be confused how being stupid or pretending to be stupid can help someone achieve their goals. Read below to find out


Famous politicians who played dumb


To make it clearer and funnier, here are some top dumbest statements by well-known politicians. You might have heard some of them already


  1. Qaim Ali Shah



“Hamen juniad jamshed k marnay per bohat afsos hai”


  1. Lashkari Raeesani

    CM Balochistan

    Lashkari Raesaani degree degree hota hai

“Degree degree hota hai, chahay wo asli ho ya naqli


  1. Rehman Malik

Interior Minister

Rehman malik on drone attacks


Maybe one of the most highly important politician with a sensitive background of serving as the FIA director, Rehman malik responded to the media when asked about why don’t we stop the drone attacks

“Hum kesay rokain, itnay onchay hotay hain”


  1. Altaf Hussain

 ( Chief MQM)

Altaf Hussain British passport

When asked about why he holds a British passport, the chief of a major political party in Pakistan, Altaf hussain replied:
“Even Jinnah held a British passport and took oath of allegiance to the then British King, George VI”


  1. Hassan Murtaza

(MPA Punjab Assembly)

Hassan murtaza politician



Hassan murtaza blamed Khwaja Imran Nazir of listening to Munni Badnam in his car when he asked for a ride.


The list can go on forever and it is not just Pakistani politicians who pass dumb statements rather these influential people all around the world do it and will continue to do so. Who doesn’t know Donald Trump for his ever famous and stupidest remarks?


The thing is that these politicians are not just saying such dumb things because they are stupid but because they are playing dumb. Wonder how is it beneficial to them to sound stupid?

Here are the reasons you never knew as to why politicians play dumb. Because playing dumb is a fun role and it has become a survival tactic for politicians


Reasons why politicians play dumb



Reasons to play dumb

  1. The public never asks for your opinions or thinks about your statements because you have never been an intelligent person to them. Having no serious opinions means that you have no enemies and you can switch sides whenever you feel like. You stay away from the gossip food change and do not leave anything you say to be used against you


  1. You are never a threat to other politicians, so you can secretly continue doing your dirty job without anyone noticing


  1. You never get extra work or tougher tasks because people think you are already handling too much pressure due to your silly mental capabilities


  1. Other politicians are not afraid to express their views around you or even back bite because they don’t think there is anything you can use against them as you are a dumb-tard


  1. With so much instability in politics these days, you can never be sure of your political career. By playing dumb, you can just blend in and never have to worry about good or bad attention


  1. Generally, people don’t hate you. They might laugh at you and your statements but they do not deeply hate you or abuse you like they would do to another person in authority if he was intelligent. As long as an idiot is not bringing trouble to others, people think he is a fine person to have.


  1. You can always play dumb and stay oblivious to very obvious things. People expect dumb politicians to say “I don’t know” in even situations when they would have known the most. Steve jobs used to play dumb and IDK game to bring what lies in people’s heart to their tongues.


  1. Public is easier on dumb politicians and forgives them for their blunders. Even if they are being selfish, anyone would hardly notice because they are not considered to be that smart to be involved in a matter of this conscious planning


  1. You get a lot of free time. By acting dumb, politicians can do all that they want in the world and still not be accountable to anyone because they are stupid. Being stupid can get you space in many situations where a normal person would not be sparedDo you now agree with the fact that politicians are not actually dumb but they play to be? If you have any comments to add or any dumb statements you remember by other politicians that I have skipped, please share them with me.


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