Ramadan 2016 What things to avoid in sehri
21/Jun Ramadan 2016: What things to avoid in sehri

Are you worried because you feel thirsty during your roza? Do you think eating a healthier sehri would help you observe fasts easily? Is it tough for you to control your thirst during Ramadan?

Ramzan is a holy month for all Muslims and all of us observe it with great zeal and zest. The essence of Ramzan is to stay humble and have patience. If however, it is getting tough for you to control your thirst, then here are top ten things you should avoid during sehri.


  1. Avoid fried foods

Avoid fried foods

Oily and fried foods ultimately lead you to feel thirsty. If you are fond of fried items, you better take them after aftaar but always avoid eating any fried materials during the sehri



  1. Processed and unhealthy foods

Processed and unhealthy foods

Do not opt for easy to cook and ready-made items like snacks and other processed foods. They are not a healthy alternative to organic foods and will never be enough for the rest of the day


  1. Chocolate and candies

Chocolate and candies

It is a good idea to eat chocolate when you are feeling low but in turn you will eventually feel thirsty. Always make sure that you do not take any sugary materials in your sehri specially candies and chocolates.



  1. Coffee or tea

Coffee or tea

Coffee and tea both contain nicotine. They might boost you up for a while but eventually they dehydrate your body and make it tough to spend the rest of the roza. Both of them are not a good option for sehri and you may even be able to break out of the addiction.


  1. Drinking tons of water altogether

Drinking tons

This is a wrong concept that drinking tons of water at a time will make you less thirsty later. It is a burden on your stomach and may lead to bloating and other issues.


  1. Sleeping right after eating

Sleeping right after eating

Always walk for a while, say your prayer, recite the Holy Quran or keep yourself active before you go to sleep. Never sleep right after eating sehri to avoid acidity and uneasy feelings during the roza.



  1. Smoking


It is not a good habit we all know. Secondly, it leads to the person feeling thirsty over and over. You have got this chance because your body cells are reborn every 40 days. If you develop a habit of quitting smoking during the Ramzan, there will be only 10 more days when you can get smoke free.


  1. Avoid spices

Avoid spices

Spices are hard on the stomach and not a good add on in your sehri. Try to eat refreshing fruits and healthy drinks. Do not eat spicy foods in your sehri.


  1. Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks

Juices that you buy from shops and sugary drinks may feel refreshing on the outside. But in real, they make it tough for you to observe your fast. Go easy on your stomach during the sehri for an easier roza.

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  1. Really Informative …Mostly awam ki koshih hoti ju b miley khaaa jaoo bs…Avoid kon kartaa 😀 😛 😉

  2. chae k ilawa ye sub cheezain nhi khani peeni chahiye sehri k time pe…..kio k sehri k time pe ap in ko khao ge aur ye sara din ap ko khae gii…

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