Are you ready for the PSL Final to be conducted in Lahore
24/Feb Are you ready for the PSL Final to be conducted in Lahore?

Let us just recapitulate the journey of Pakistan Super League 2017 since the day it started. It all started with a bang when the opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League was conducted in Dubai with its full fervor leaving the audiences completely spell bound with its charm and exciting aura. A number of celebrity faces were seen at the ceremony and a couple of talented singers effectively spread the magic of their voice. And after a majestic opening ceremony, the journey of Pakistan Super League began …

It was a journey full of suspense, enthusiasm, cheerfulness and passion. We cannot say that any of the matches being played wasn’t worth a watch. Whatever team it was in the game, it had its own thing that kept the people interested at every single point and also kept the whole nation in a state of suspense. The best part about Pakistan Super League that I love the most is that whatever team wins, at the end, a part of our country Pakistan is going to win. Apart of a land is going to make the country proud. One way or the other, it has united the people, brought them closer by means of a certain point of focus. And this is the thing to be appreciated.

All the teams played really well and gave their best as they could. But at the end, only one of the five teams is going to win. It can be the Quetta Gladiators, or the Peshawar Zalmis. May be it is going to be the Karachi Kings who will win the war against Lahore Qalandars, or may be this time again Islamabad United will manage to take the title of victory. No one knows till the very end of the game.



We all know that the date of the final match of Pakistan Super League is approaching and the entire nation is sitting with their fingers crossed and hoping for their favorite team to win. And this time, the PSL Final 2017 is going to be played in our own city Lahore right in front of you all in the Gaddafi Stadium. Yes that’s right! It has been confirmed by the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board Mr. Shaharyar Khan that the final match is going to be held in Lahore. He also added to his statement saying that there are a lot of international players among the list who agreed to come to Pakistan to play the match.

Mr. Shaharyar claimed that there are many such international players included in the PSL players list who really wanted to come to Pakistan but the only risk was the security issue. But they have been working really hard to provide the best security to the players at Gaddafi Stadium and throughout their stay in Pakistan. For the security purpose, arrangements have been made and a foolproof security system has been set for 5th March when the final match of Pakistan Super League is going to be played at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore.


Moreover, the tickets for the final match are on sale right now and you can easily get them online from the Q-Tickets, this website is the ticketing partner for PSL. You can also get your ticket along with a whole package of luxuries at Over here you can get a VIP box with super-duper hospitality being offered. So, don’t waste your time and grab your ticket today before it gets too late and all the tickets get sold out leaving you to regret your whole life.

Just a little message to add at the end … do not start comparing and criticizing your fellow Pakistanis who are living right there with you in the same country only in the different city. All of us are a part of Pakistan, all of us are Pakistanis and this is the only identity that we should be proud of. So, no matter which team wins at the end, no matter how the circumstances are gonna be, just support your country and protect your country. And be united because United we win!

PSL! Ab khel jamay ga!

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