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My biggest regret in life is not wearing a sun block in my teen years. I remember my schools days when I used to sit across the grass lawn in the open sun with absolutely no protection against the sunrays. Back then, I had the disadvantage of not being too aware of the harmful consequences of over exposure of skin to UV radiations. I remained ignorant of the sun damage for many years and it wasn’t until college when my friends started making fun of how my face didn’t match my neck. Whatever discriminatory remarks came my way served as an eye opener for me. It’s been 3 years of constant research and experimentation that I’ve finally discovered how to remove your skin tan.

NOTE: I can’t promise you 100% results, all I can say is that with time, patience and consistency you can reduce the tan effect. The damage accumulated over the years and will take its time before it fully wears off.

What determines your skin tone?



I’m sure you all must have wondered how you got your skin color in the first place? Did it come along as a part of your chromosomes? Well our skin tones are defined by naturally occurring cells melanocytes, which release special pigment known as “melanin” into our skins. The amount of melanin in our skin depends on a number of factors including our genetic makeup and sun exposure. The amount of melanin defines your skin shade, which is why people with high melanin pigment in their epidermal skin layer tend to have darker skin tones.



protects your skin

A sun block protects your skin as if weather shield paint protects your house’s exterior from the climate. Especially if you are living in tropical countries, you have to be very cautious before stepping out into the sun. The kind of sun block you use entirely depends on your skin type. For example, my skin is extremely prone to sun damage and I get a very bad tan just in a day of dull sun exposure so I use a sun block of SPF 100 or more. A common mistake while applying sun block is that people ignore neck area and other body parts like hands, feet, and arms that are also exposed to sun. Apply sun block on all exposed 30 minutes before leaving your home giving it time to penetrate into your skin to avoid getting skin tan.



Exfoliating agents help you peel off dull skin layers to reveal the fresh and shiny of underlying skin. I will strongly recommend a medically approved and dermatological tested exfoliating scrub or facial mask once a week for fighting against skin tan.


cover your skin

We all know it is impossible to avoid sun in today’s world. Covering your skin wile you go out is extremely important, you can spend hundreds of dollars on good creams and sun blocks but if you don’t take basic care of yourself everything else will go in vain. Cover your head and hands while driving a car. Keep an umbrella along every time you’re walking down a street make sure you don’t get that skin tan in the first place. If you’re cautious about your style, buy some fancy silk scarves and gloves!



You need to study your skin thoroughly and its sensitivity to various chemical agents and the sun itself. You need to know how long you can stand in the sun without damaging your skin. I will strongly recommend you to consult a dermatologist for basic information about your skin. My dermatologist helped me understand why my skin was so sensitive and how I can control the damages of a skin tan.



This might come a surprise to most of you but medical science has advanced a lot and you can now control your own melanin production. My dermatologist suggested me an anti-melasma night cream and even though it was expensive, it was worth the purchase. It helped me get rid of my two toned skin just after two months of constant use.

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  1. information mentioned above is very helpful for all not only for women but also for men who are very caring about their skins…

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