Spins out Incredible Discount Packages on Hotels and Flight Bookings in Celebration of #PSL2017
06/Mar Spins out Incredible Discount Packages on Hotels and Flight Bookings in Celebration of #PSL2017

PSL 2017 has received an incredible response from all over the world, especially in Pakistan where the league has ignited a range of activity from city wars, catchy slogans, fierce debates,and just a general storm of excitement for the cricket mania that has struck the nation.

In celebration of the cricket festivities, is determined to not hold back in any wayand give every Pakistani the opportunity to go on a long overdue holiday to Dubai, Sharjah or Lahore. deals with both hotel and flight bookings and is offering discounts on both.

This travel portal is a one-stop solution for all your traveling needs and is equipped to cater both at discounted rates. In celebration of #PSL2017 these are the deals you can avail while sitting at home:

  • 25% off on Flight Tickets to UAE and Lahore: Visit and enter the coupon code PSL2017WOW to avail a 25% discount on your flight tickets to Dubai, Sharjah, and Lahore – Valid till 7 th March


  • Book a Hotel in Lahore with a 25% Discount: The excitement for a PSL final in Lahore has been in our heads since last year. Visit, that’s offering an unbelievable discount of 25% on all hotel bookings in Lahore. Just use the coupon code PSL2017LHE at the time of booking up till 7 th March.


  •  Book a Hotel in UAE with a Flat 10% Discount: PSL 2017 gives all Pakistanis an opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates for a holiday and experience great cricket at discounted rates! Book any hotel in UAE using the coupon code PSL2017DS through and avail the great opportunity.

psldeal3 is always looking for an opportunity to provide travelers bigger and better deals to cut down their traveling expenses. With PSL being celebrated with such force across the nation has launched amazing deals and packages in celebration of the grand sporting event to turn your travel fantasies into realities.

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