What do you have to say about the dress code introduced in Bahria University
15/Dec What do you have to say about the dress code introduced in Bahria University?

Bahria University is a well-known Pakistani university which came into being in the year 2000. The Pakistan Navy originally formulated it and with the passage of time; it gained the highest rank among the leading Pakistani universities. A couple of months earlier, Bahria University administration presented a specific dress code for their students which was as under:


In the case of any violation of dress code, the following actions are possibly taken:

  1. Written will be warning on the 1st occasion
  2. Fine of about Rs.5000/- will be taken on the 2nd occasion
  3. Excluding attendance of regular classes on the 3rd occasion
Bahria university

This dress code was introduced in October and since then; students are facing a lot of problems. Bahria University has banned male students wearing Shalwar Kameez for the past 8 years, and now, the female students are their target in order to prevent them from so called ‘inappropriate’ dresses.

Recently, one of the female Bahrian shared her experience of being pointed out in front of everyone on the gate. She used to travel every day for about an hour to reach the university. And then, she wasn’t allowed to enter the university because of her short length shrug from the back.

Her parents confirmed that they have no problem with their daughter’s dressing style and to this, the aaya of the University said that their dressing tends to distract the professors while teaching. Why can’t the professors keep their eyes away? Why is it always the female part of our society who has to compromise on something?

And the second very strange thing about the dress code is that the male students aren’t allowed to wear Shalwar Kameez while living in a country where Shalwar Kameez is the national dress.

What do they exactly want by doing all this?

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