How to stop losing your stuff
21/Sep How to stop losing your stuff?

There are two kinds of people in this world. Ones who are organized and responsible and then there’s me whose always trying to find things when I haven’t even lost them. It’s not that I’m disorganized or messy and I can’t find my stuff because it’s never in place. I just have trouble memorizing where I have put my car keys, my purse, and my mobile charger (oh, the frustration when I lose the charger is unexplainable). I have had countless fights (arguments to be precise) with my mother regarding this habit of mine. She thinks I’m too clumsy and messy and my coordination skills are too poor for a university student. So I decided to work on this self deficiency of mine and have therefore discovered some ways to remember where I put my things:

  • Write it down


If you’ve come home after a long, tiring day and just want to go to bed without misplacing your license and car keys you better write it down on some sticky note and stick up on your bedside or bedroom door. It’s easier to remember things if you’ve written them down especially if you have to dig down some archived documents to retrieve some important document its better your write it down.

  • Keep ‘em fixed


Once you’ve decided to place your purse or headband somewhere in your apartment keep it fixed. Always place it back in the same place because changing their spot would result in a lot of confusion on your part. For instance it took me one whole weekend to reorganize my room so that I keep certain things in certain places. it may seem like a lot of work to your but trust me the effort is worth it. Now I wake up and I know I have to collect my car keys from the bookshelf and my ID card from side table. No matter how tired I am always put, them back in their place so that I can have a good night’s sleep without having to worry about the next day.

  • Always have a backup plan


Always keep a spare of everything important if you can afford one. I for one, always keep a copy of my driver’s license, my ID card, and an extra pair of sunglasses and headband while going out. It saves me from a lot of panic and trouble of searching through my things when I’m short on time.

  • Tell your mother

Always tell your mother where you’ve put your important stuff because a mother always remembers.

  • Mental mapping

in case you really don’t remember where you put your purse and the written notes aren’t of much help either, try at a mental map and ask yourself where could you possibly put your car keys? This is your last resort If all else fails.

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