A student from LUMS was found unconscious in his hostel room
14/Dec A student from LUMS was found unconscious in his hostel room

On the 12th of December, a student of the fifth semester studying at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) was found completely unconscious in one of the hostel rooms. After rushing his body to the hospital, doctors told that he lost his life earlier in the day. After hearing this news, the whole campus is enveloped in a mix of gloomy as well as terrified atmosphere.

The young student who died was named as Shahmir and was a fifth-semester student of Accounting and Finance. Shahmir’s friends and family are traumatized with this unexpected heartbreaking news. But the most disappointing thing about the administration of our country is that they are not confirming the cause of his death as it can be ‘scandalous’ according to the Pakistani society.

Lums student died in hostel room
IMAGE COURTESY: Pakistan Today

It is said that he died either due to cardiac arrest or may be because of the drug overdose. Defense SHO Ziaul Haq confirmed that he died because of the heroin overdose. LUMS administration wrote a note to address the faculty and their staff members about Shahmir’s death.

Shahmir suspiciously found dead in hostel room

Shahmir’s family had to travel from Karachi to Lahore, but they couldn’t reach on the very day of the incident due to extreme fog. They reached Lahore yesterday and witnessed the whole situation then.

Being a Pakistani and also being a student, I find it really annoying as to how the affiliated people are trying to suppress this matter. No matter what the actual cause was, it needs to be taken out in the public so that other students can also learn from this. Instead of swiping it under the carpet, try and face it. And let others see the possible outcome that turns out to be after the exaggeration of anything.

Apart from the entire media circus, we hope that Shahmir’s family is strong enough to digest this reality of life. And may his soul rest in peace.

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