Ten hilarious tweets about Growing Pakistani trend
12/Dec Ten hilarious tweets about Growing Pakistani trend

Growing Pakistani is not an easy thing I’m telling you. You have to be strong, adaptable to every situation and a little bit dheet as well, or may be a lot of dheetness. There are some really hilarious tweets about this Growing Pakistani trend out there and everyone seems to be playing their part. Take a look:


I have seriously believed it all my life up till now. And I think I would continue believing it as per my firm belief’s sake.


Trust me! It is a moment of real disappointment and I feel like crying my heart out when it happens, specially in the middle of night when I have food cravings.


Imagine how it feels like when you expect shampoo to come out, but instead of that, water rolls down your head.


The struggle is real man! Very real!


You have no respect in the entire family if you are something other than a doctor or an engineer. All the respect of your part goes to the respected doctor.


Happens all the time!


No I mean is it real? Like for REAL real?


Even thieves would be knowing this tactic now.


And you are not allowed to touch them before or after the arrival of guests. That’s a pretty much prohibited area where these things are present.


I have a family forest and a really BIG one!

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