Typical Pindi things that you will see in commercial market every Chand Raat
04/Jul Typical Pindi things that you will see in commercial market every Chand Raat

Commercial market is a true reflection of Pindi. If you have never been to this place then you must plan a visit to this market that is full of shugal, happening, life, shopping, variety, quality, brands, and off course nonetheless; stylish boys and pretty girls. Below are the hot spots of commercial market that every pindi guy would know;


T2 chand raat


  1. T2 wali gali

Oh yes, I remember those glorious days, our mischievous activities and all the fun that we friends had in our teens. This is the place where you will meet a new crush every time you enter the street. This street offers hot boys and stylish girls. Your chance of meeting a cool guy would be on its peak at these two shops; T2 and Books and Books. All those flirty guys who don’t wanna buy anything would be found there. This is the ever hot spot, whether you are paying a visit in special days or nominal days; you would find no difference in the quality of guys.

chand raat commercial market

2. Jadday ki dukan or jaddah palace


Jadday ki dukan; the place where every girl visits three times at least on her every visit. Because Jadda uncle is always be like, “Manga diyahn ga, koi gal nhi bajji, Manga diyahn ga”. The shop full of imported products at incredibly low prices. You will get all your desire make up accessories within a few months, because jadda uncle forgets or sells your order to others.


chand raat chooriyan


3. The chhoriyohn wala stall


Chand Raat is incomplete in pindi without going to this ever famous stall at the chowk near meena bazaar and jadda palace. You will find all kinds of bangles for your suits be it metalic, Kaanch or plastic.


Chand raat pindi boys

4. Pindi boys


Chand Raat and eid are always incomplete without pindi boys being the best wanna be’s of all timess:P

chand raat stalls commercial market


5. Stalls


Chahey Eid ki shopping complete ho per chand raat per stalls dekhay baghair eid puri nahi hoti


eid card chand raat


6. Eid card stall outside hush puppies


Before internet and SMS killed them, eid cards were a must buy on chand raat. In pindi, most of us have visited that cute little guy selling Eid greeting cards outside hush puppies, FYI, that guy was a graduate


Bachon ki dunya chand raat
abyan ali shah in bachon ki dunya


7. Bachon ki dunya


Bachon ki dunya tou must hai bhai whether you have kids or not


refreshment center pindi chand raat


8. Refreshment Center


Refreshment Center is the heart of commercial market pindi and no event is complete without paying it a tribute:P


Gosht wali gali pindi


9. Gosht wali galli


Gosht wali galli to aesay hai jesay umro ayaar ki zanbeel, you will find everything there


Thulay pindi chand raat


10. Thulay


Or koi milay na milay, thulay zaroor ghortay howy milengy



drifting pindi boys


11. Drifting aka pinen maarna


Ye to pindi boys ki shaan hai


metro shoes chand raat

12. Window shopping at metro


Shadi ho, Eid, ya koi bhi function, metro ka ik chakar to lazmi lagta hay. And maybe some of you remember jo thematic scene metro pe hota hai kam hi kahin or hota hai



Kashees mehndi chand raat pindi

13. Kashees Mehndi


Of course, the best mehndi guys in pindi commercial market, without a question.


Other new entries in pindi commerical market worth going on chand raat can be tehzeeb, barsa cash and carry, Khaadi and other notable brands. But I dint include them in the list because they are not custom or special but they are everywhere, not unique to pindi commercial market


Did I miss anything? Please add what you do on chand raat in pindi or your own city



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