10 must remember things while fasting this Ramadan
07/Jun 10 must remember things while fasting this Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarik

Hopefully, ap aj rozay ma hain, or in some exceptional cases, ap nahi hain tou koi baat nhi. Dono cases ma ye blog apk liye interesting sabit hoga.


Today being the first roza and the start of Holy month of Ramadan, we are all super excited and anxious to make the most out of the days to follow. Ramadan is a very much anticipated and celebrated month among the Muslim community around the world.  It is an honor to know that here are 1.6 billion people out there who share the same belief as you do and are observing these fasts along with you. However, there are some things that we need to keep in mind while fasting this Ramadan. Sometimes even though we fast the entire 30 days but we still miss the true spirit of Ramadan Kareem.


This summer, chahay jitni b garmi ho, jitna b roza sakht lagay, please in baton ka khiyaal rakhen. For a better and a happier Ramadan



  1. Meaning of Ramadan

 meaning of ramadan

The word Ramadan is derived from the Arabic word ramad that means scorching heat. The Arabs used this word for the sheep when they were grazing under the sun that they were damaged or burnt under this intense heat. Ramadan means that the fasting burns your sins and leaves you clean and fresh if you follow the true spirit of the month. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and it is believed that the Holy Quran was completed during this month. Even though Muslims believe that the Quran was gradually sent from the heavens over a period of 23 years but it was completed during this month.  This month means much to Muslims of all sects and beliefs because it is of ultimate dignity and value for them. It is fardh (obligatory) for all Muslims to fast except for the ill, elderly, young, breastfeeding moms and travelers.



  1. Do it for yourself


One thing you need to keep in mind about fasting is that you have to do it for yourself. It is not a competition with your siblings or colleagues or anyone else for that matter. If you wish to praise your Lord and obey him, it is your call and your duty. You cannot impose anyone else to do so. Do not judge others or taunt them if they are not fasting. They might be through a situation that you know nothing of. Ramadan teaches you to be kind and improve your connection with Lord. Make the most of this month while you can because you are never sure whether you will be alive to see another one or not. Whether you are a practicing Muslim or rarely offer any prayers, you are not authorized to judge others.




  1. Fasting is not about starving

 starving in ramadan

Our mother used to say, “ Faqa hi karna hota hy to na kro, roza rakhna hy to tareeqay se rakho”.

In Islam, fasting is not about not eating or drinking anything from sunrise to sunset. Even though it is a major part of the roza but that’s not it. Abiding from intake of food and liquids is to test your patience and to teach you the value of these blessings that we enjoy on a daily basis. It helps us realize how difficult life is for underprivileged in the society.

ROZA apko apnay se kam tar logo ka ehsaas dilata hai.

When we are observing a fast, we know that at sunset, (aftaar) we will get all the delicious foods and pakoras made by ladies of the house. But those who cannot afford food, never know whether they will eat or not. Try to avoid bad behavior and adopt good habits while you are observing the fast like:


  1. Do not lie
  2. Do not abuse
  3. Do not cheat on others
  4. Stay away from committing sins
  6. Do not do it as a burden

If you cannot help yourself from all these, then its better you do not starve yourself for nothing.



  1. Ramadan start date

    ramadan start date

There is always a war in the Muslim world about whether the moon was spotted or not. Moon being very naughty and moqa shanaas, only limits its sight to a few. Jesay k liberty ma chand nazar agaya per model town ma nahi aya. The tradition is also sarcastically funny because the oldest person, with possibly weakest eyesight, is assigned for moon sighting.

Wo banda chand dekhnay ja rha hy jo zaeefi ki waja se apni chand jesi shakal sheshay ma bhi nahi dekh skta.

There is always a conflict about Ramadan start date in Pakistan and even the entire world. The people of KPK usually observe the fast and celebrate Eid with Saudi Arabia while those in other areas of the country do it on another date. This is absurd and we should stop arguing or fighting over it. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it for the sake of your Lord so there is no point in dragging it to political or provincial levels.

  1. Avoid negativity




    avoid negativity

This is critical because most of us while fasting would still be backbiting about others and thinking of all the negative stuff. Remember that roza is more about being disciplined and spiritually focused. Thank Allah for the blessings he has bestowed upon you and look for positive aspects in your life. Avoid negative thoughts and talk all together


  1. Generosity goals


generosity in ramadan
generosity in ramadan

The more you give, the more you get

If you are able to fast and enjoy certain luxuries of life, you should share it with others too. Allah Subhan o Tallah really loves those who love His creation. Set generosity goals for yourself and care more for others. This can be a long-term habit if you start practicing it on a daily basis. If you can financially help people, then that’s great. If you cannot, you can give them food, clothes, good advice, a nice gesture, a glass of water or anything that can bring a smile on their face.

  1. Look ahead for the rewards


 ramadan rewards

If you feel drained of all the energy, think of the reward and the celebration that is yet to come. Eid right after Ramadan is a great motivation and you should stay focused on getting the most out of this month. Think of all the love and respect you will earn from your Lord when you dedicatedly fast for Him and obey his commands.


  1. Improving your Spiritual connection

 improve your spiritual connection

Download a Ramadan calendar(save this image) or keep one pasted at your wall. You can get them everywhere at your office, at a grocery store, while driving, people are up for earning some sawab and distribute these calendars everywhere. Mark your performance, set meditation times and focus on improving your spiritual connection with Allah. This month has special ibadaat and levels of practicing for Muslims to get closer to their Lord and be more spiritually focused. When you are away from food and drink intake, you are away from the worldly matters. It is therefore much easier to stay away from dunya and focus on your spiritual self


  1. It’s okay to be tired




Even though we have been told and warned not to look tired or say so but it is okay to be tired if you are in scorching heat and not taking any liquids or solids for consecutive hours. In summers, it can be tougher to fast but you should tell yourself that this is a test for your body and mind both and you may take some rest. Sleep for a while if you wish, go out if the weather allows, talk to a friend, it is completely okay to act human and be social while you are fasting and no one is going to deduct your marks for that


  1. Rozaydaar ka khyaal Karen


    rozay daar

Last but most important, if you are not fasting for some reason, or not fasting because you don’t feel like, be mindful of those who are. You may not believe in a certain thing but as a way of showing respect and being ethical, it is a good act to respect others feelings and beliefs. If someone is dying of thirst in summer day due to a roza and you are drinking chilled cola in front of them, you are not only disrespecting religion but also humanity. Not for religion, but for the sake of humanity, take care of your fellow humans and respect their feelings



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  1. SubhanAllah.In Ramadan we should Try to avoid bad behavior and adopt good habits and Avoid negativity.:) 🙂 🙂 Really Nice Information.

  2. we shoud avoid wohle year not only in ramzaan like mentioned below things…
    Do not lie
    Do not abuse
    Do not cheat on others
    Stay away from committing sins
    Do not backbite please
    Do not do it as a burden

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