20/Jun You think you’re a Typical Pakistani? Click to see how many Iconic Desi Traits fit on you!

Pakistanis are an interesting breed of humans that can only be understood by their fellow citizens. You may not notice it, but in our everyday lives we all causally do rather strange things that hugely contrast our rather vocal opinions. Beg to differ? Then check out our list of 8 typical desi traits that we believe are found in almost all Pakistanis. See if they fit on you and let us know what your desi quotient is.

  • We LOVE Sales and Bargaining!

The level of excitement of all aunties when they see a 50% off flyer in the paper CANNOT be explained. It doesn’t matter if they like the brand or not, if they already have a closet full of towels or if the store hiked up the prices 60% and then brought them 30% down, our mothers will still not leave the shop empty handed.

And we all know how it is with the bargaining. The store will have boards clearly stating ‘FIXED PRICE’ the shop owner will politely mention, “baji fixed price hai” but will our moms listen? Of course not! Our bargaining skills are way too high to be compromised by something as ridiculous as a ‘rule’. Pfttttt

  • We don’t understand how ‘Time’ really works

So if I have a meeting at 9 a.m. I honestly believe that if I wake at 8:30 I can can shower, get dressed, fight traffic, fill up my gas tank, reach my office, revise my presentation and be completely ready by 8:50. MAX.

We don’t believe in getting things done beforehand and enjoy living life on the edge. If we all had a dollar for every time we paid the utility bills and school fees on the last date, we’d be the richest state in the WORLD!

  • Most us love Food far more than People

If you’d rather order pizza, have biryani, or dig out on French fries and burgers than go out shopping and meet other people, then you are a certified Pakistani.

  • Social Gatherings = Weddings

The most high class social event you’ve ever attended where you met new people was someone else’s wedding. True story bro, we all know it.

  • We are Obsessed with Chai, Lawn Suites and Biryani!

Pakistanis love chai, lawn suits and biryani. PERIOD

If you disagree then dude just check out our TVC’s and billboards, and while you’re at it hand over your CNIC to any authoritative figure as well – YOU ARE NOT WORTHY.

  • We Genuinely Believe Ranting Helps our Case

Our favorite past time is to tune into the news. Be disappointed by what’s happening, rant about it for an hour, and then move on.

  • We are fluent in Conversing in Double Meaning Discussions

So you know how all the angraiz people are so direct and vocal about how they feel or what they want. We Pakistanis don’t really roll that way.

We have a whole lot of drama in our daily conversations because we’re taught to not be rude. So we learn to attach double meaning phrases that have an underlying offensive message in our conversations to keep the izzat and ehteram of our elders intact or we may just choose to give them the deadly silent treatment. Depends on our mood.

  • You Secretly Dream of Travelling Abroad

You secretly dream of travelling abroad for studies or for a job. Whether it’s seeking admission in a university in the UK or applying for a job in the Middle-East. You want to see more of the world while you’re still young and that’s great! As long as you come back home to your roots and give back to your country!


So this is my list of iconic desi traits that are found in almost all Pakistanis. If you’re a typical Pakistani and know of other strange/interesting things that make us special then comment below and let us know.



Dania Khan
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