Top 10 misconceptions about pindi boys
26/May Top 10 misconceptions about pindi boys

A lot has been said rather criticized about pindi boys lately. They have managed to hit the headlines, facebook posts and tweets by a large group of people owing to perceptions and assumed consequences of those perceptions. Who doesn’t remember centaurus entry ticket which not only hit the audience in the twin cities but also across the nation and even the world altogether.

This shouldn’t be a surprise that we see most of the negative stuff about pindi boyses on social medias and the whole wide web. It is understandable because “tang kheenchna tou hamara azal se shewa hy”. We do not like spreading or appreciating positive things about others, no matter if it’s our country (the land we owe our existence to), relatives (sharing all those negative posts about phuphoos) or people from a specific sect or ethnicity. (Shia-sunni, Punjabi-pathan etc. are some major examples).

This list goes out to all the pindi boys rather the people of Pakistan, who are in general humble, generous and loving. Here are the top 10 misconceptions about pindi boys that the world needs to re-think.
Time to show the world who WE actually are and who we are NOT….

10. They are not good friends


I have heard people argue that you cannot make friends with a pindi boy because they are just not meant for it. Let me tell you one thing, “ACHAY TIME MA TO SAB DOST HOTAY HAIN, BURAY WAQT KA SAATHI HI ASAL DOST HOTA HY”. Going to exclusive events together, gifting expensive stuff and hanging out at luxury dine in places could lead you to have a good social circle which you call your friends. But in REAL, true friends are who sit at the DHABBA and share adha cup chaaye with you, not judging you for the GANDAY CUP and TOOTAY BENCH. Those who stand with you in every PHADA, whether it’s the TIGER GROUP you are against. Not calling an influential uncle or cousin to sort it out for you while sipping coffee in their basements.



pindi photoPhoto by saqib Studios

Pindi k logon or mausam ka koi aetabaar nahi”
You have all heard that at some point in life. Well if you are blame the weather, battle against the natural forces that control it. If you are comparing nature of the people by the weather of the region, APKI SOCH KO SALAM HY… My bestest experiences include friends who were from pindi and call it a co incidence but all three of my besties are PINDI boys.

8. They are desperate

pindi photoPhoto by bclblade

A label that Pindites and Lahorites have earned repeatedly without doing anything to earn it is that they are desperate. Letting ladies pay first, offering your seat to them, helping an old person carry the luggage or picking up children whenever they fall while you are busy shopping are some common examples you will observe in both populated areas of Lahore and Pindi.

7. Pathetic accent

shoaib akhtar photoPhoto by Max Loxton
Most people believe that people from Pindi have a pathetic accent. The country is full of RJs, celebs and motivational speakers with fluent accents that belong to Pindi. I have seen Pindites excelling in every field of life and making it to the best organizations owing to their ability to adapt to certain cultures and languages.

6. Not creative

slum kids photoPhoto by gunnisal

Well, creativity does not mean having expensive instruments and items to play with and eventually create something after spending thousands of rupees. It is when you have nothing and you are making a toy out of PURANAY TIRE, using ICECREAM sticks and a toy MOTOR to make a helicopter, making kites out of shopping bags and building dreams out of scratch.

5. Not good drivers

pindi street photoPhoto by nickgan84

If they are driving on the busiest streets, with no traffic rules, no signals, no maintained roads and no clue of when an animal might come running at you and still you are managing to get home without killing or being killed, then you are certainly an awesome driver. Pindi boys may ride rough on motorbikes risking their lives, but it is a skill many do not have.

4. Not respectful

raja bazaar photoPhoto by Ripi
PINDI JANA HY? Hold your breath…!

Not the case at all. People have had mobile snatching experiences, harassment incidents and misguided even in most SECURE AND DEFENDED areas of the country but no one would stop to help them because they were strangers in that area. Imagine the same happening with you in Raja Bazar, the people around would fight over their lives to get you out of the situation. THIS IS RESPECT.

3. Not a good sense of humor

This is lame because Pindi boyses are ultimate funny guys you have ever known if you manage to be in their list of BOUN RAAHMI JAKUT.

2. Lack exposure

exposure photo
Exposure is most gained by growing up struggling for things and pushing beyond your comfort zone for certain experiences. Pindi boyses live through the shacks and manage to rule organizations because they have earned it, not inherited it. Consider PINDI EXPRESS, Shoaib Akhtar for an example.

1. Centaurus of course

Centaurus photoPhoto by sibtainhaider
We all remember what happened at centaurus and their entry ticket for stags. Well, they did a good thing to facilitate their customers. And stags by no means, meant boys from PINDI only. You don’t know whether a person staring at you at centaurus is from G-8, Muree, Chakwal, Kahuta or Pindi for that matter

Do you think it makes sense? Still have an unanswered misconception, let me know below.

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  1. hehehe Very interesting Blog..Best words are ACHAY TIME MA TO SAB DOST HOTAY HAIN, BURAY WAQT KA SAATHI HI ASAL DOST HOTA HY…

  2. we are pakistanies and we should have to appreciate one another if we look the pakistan like the Quid’s pakistan

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