Top 10 odd reasons why every science lover should watch Fringe
15/Nov Top 10 odd reasons why every science lover should watch Fringe

When we talk about sci-fi TV shows and movies, we expect strong scripts, convincing logics, and close-to-reality fiction. Well, today I’ll introduce you to a different show, something I came across accidently and I’m thankful for this accident, because this particular show opened my mind to a whole new universe of ideas and scientific possibilities.


Here is a brief intro on the show before I proceed with the convincing part.

IMDb rating: 8.5

Release date: 9 September 2008

Genre: Drama, mystery, sci-fi, action

Cast: Anan Torv, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole, John Noble.

Run time: 60 minutes

Seasons: 5


  • Challenges your basic beliefs about God, nature and science


Fringe is one twisted show, which presents to you the weirdest, most twisted theories about science and religion. It certainly challenged my sanity when I started watching it. Just the thought that we exist elsewhere in an alternate universe with different lives is so hard to digest. Just the thought that we can travel through various timelines is terrifying. To be honest, I found the show terrifying.

  • A love story that literally transcends universes


If you’re a fan of realistic, grownup love stories then you’re in for a treat because Olivia and Peter’s love literally transcends universes. Their story is based on trust, hope, faith, mutual compromise, and misery. Their on screen performance is exceptional and you would actually experience their emotions as if they were yours. All that pain, longing, love, and heartbreak, you’ll experience every one of them.

  • A special effects that would haunt you for nights


If you think zombie movies have the most disgusting special effects, you haven’t seen anything. Fringe is the ONLY TV show and I’m not even exaggerating, the only show which will give you creeps at night. Feeling nauseous is an understatement. Forget brains and broken limbs. the special effects in this show are just out of this universe (literally).

  • The perfect cast


I personally believe that one of the reasons why Fringe is a huge success over the TV because of the strong cast. Anan Trov is the best female TV actor as of yet. In addition, I’d like to acknowledge the entire cast crew for being able to play dual roles in two different timelines. it certainly requires great skills and commitment.

  • The universe (s) are falling apart


The scariest part is that the universes are falling apart and you’ll actually see it happen. You’ll witness the pre-apocalypse damages and you’ll see mankind’s misery. It’s an experience worth sharing.

  • Love for children is the most powerful emotion ever to be experiences by mankind


The show starts with a father’s desperate attempt to save his dying son and the great lengths he goes to save the alternate version of his son in another universe. It teaches us one or two things about parental love and the importance of family. In addition, throughout the show you’ll see Walter’s desperate attempts to save his son and win his love and trust.

  • Multiple timeframes


If you think fringe is just about two alternate universes then be ready for some surprises. The show will take you back and forth through multiple timelines and you’ll actually experience time travel. If only it were real, the things we could do with time.

  • our life is nothing but a collection of choices


The lives of Fringe teammates in two universes are slightly different versions of one another which are all attributed to these individuals choices. The show is the biggest manifestation of the universal reality that our lives are nothing but a collection of choices.


  • The movie has a great IMDb rating of course makes it a worth watch
  • You got to see Anan Tory in one of the best performances ever
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