Top 10 places to visit in Islamabad
12/Dec Top 10 places to visit in Islamabad

There are some of the most beautiful and very famous places in Islamabad which are also a must visit. Take a look at these awesomely famous spots to visit.

  1. Shah Faisal Mosque


Faisal mosque is situated at the very heart of Islamabad in the middle of Margalla Hills and is the top most famous place. Or we can say that Islamabad is known just for Faisal mosque. It has four sky touching minarets that look like as if some missiles are ready to be launched.

  1. Daman-e-koh


Are we speaking of Daman-e-koh or are we defining beauty? Never mind! It is one and the same thing. Whoever is going to visit Islamabad, never ever skip Daman-e-koh from your list.

  1. Rawal Lake


Rawal Lake situated in Islamabad is the picnic spot for the tourists across the world. It has now included many other facilities and a park to increase the factor of attraction.

  1. Margalla Hills


I personally just love the hilly areas like the Margalla Hills. It is a very peaceful place and a spot where you can sit and relax.

  1. Lok Virsa Museum


Lok Virsa museum is a historical and informative place to visit. It is also made in a sense which looks like it has come to life.

  1. Rose and Jasmine Garden


Here is another beautiful and breathtaking place in Islamabad. Rose and Jasmine garden is full of colourful flowers and when you sit here, it feels like you are sitting in the land of pure fragrance filled enchanted flowers.

  1. Saidpur Village


To be honest, Islamabadis know how to add a tinge of creativity in everything. Saidpur village is an artificially made village with a number of eating places. Once you enter here, it seems like the real essence of a village because of its décor and fresh air and trees in the surrounding.

  1. Pakistan Monument Museum


This is again a museum with full of information and a very beautiful monument on the top of it revealing a historical sight.

  1. Islamabad Zoo


Zoo is always a favorite spot for kids and Islamabad zoo is a place where children can learn a lot of things by seeing new animals.

  1. Pir Sohawa


Last but not the least, Pir Sohawa, which is a bit ahead of Daman-e-koh and is very peaceful again with a few restaurants located.

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