Top 10 reasons why everyone hates relatives
14/Jun Top 10 reasons why everyone hates relatives

If I am to conduct a public poll right here, right now asking people whether they hate their relatives, we all know what the stats might reveal. We all have had plenty of experience when it comes to our judge-y relatives. Therefore, with no further ado I’d present top 10 reasons why there is so much negativity associated with the word “relatives”.

  • The Stare

stare yor family

We are all familiar with that penetrating stare. Oh, how they gaze at you with those cold, dark eyes. I personally despise those dining table moments where everyone sits down and you get these awkward stares from everyone else seated at this lavish feast. You just know this stare does not come alone; there are some really weird thoughts, assumptions and judgments behind it.

  • The Comparison


They always compare you with every other irrelevant person on the planet. If you’re having a tough time settling into your new job at the stock exchange, they will compare you with your distant cousin who had similar issues at his grocery store. I mean, Come on! How is a grocery store similar to a stockbroker’s job? The comparison never ends; your problems need to be equated to everyone else’s problems in the world.

  • Timings


They will come to your place unannounced right when you’re in the middle of something really important and amazing. Moreover, when you tell them you gotta rush, they’ll stay longer than they had initially planned to. They’ll make sure they never skip a meal if they’re in your part of the town. Always keep them spare drinks and beef salami in cold storage.

  • If you fail, they will make sure you know it was your doing alone.


If you get 3 consecutive C’s in your A levels exam, or if you score really low in your SAT’s, well they will be the first ones to tell you how it was your fault you didn’t work hard enough. your failure is your doing alone and its about time you start taking responsibility for your blunders (that’s what they tell you).

  • If you achieve something, they will make sure you know it was by luck.

If you achieve something, they will make sure you know it was by luck.

If you win a Nobel Prize or if you land a nice job (on terms that are more realistic) your relatives will be the first people to know (because of their impeccable stalking skills). Moreover, their way of congratulating you would be by telling you it was purely a matter of luck.

  • -“you’re all alone”

you were alone

In times of grief, you’ll be reminded that you came alone into this world, and that’s how to you’d leave it too.

  • -“we’re judging you”

we’re judging you

They will always judge you, no matter what you do. They’ll be stalking your social network profiles silently and judge you for every word you post, every picture you like. They’ve got all the time in the world to do so, and a free license too. Embrace your destiny.

  • First impression is the last one

First impression is the last one

If you did something stupid when you were 4, that’s the image you’ll be carrying with you for the rest of your life. No matter how mature you’ve grown since then, your childhood will haunt you for the rest of your lives.

  • The Drama


Whether someone is born or dead, sick or recovering, failed or topped the exams, the relatives will always make a mountain out of the mole hill. At least in Asian countries, this happens. I am not sure why they do so, but they love to do it.

  • The manipulation


Top reason why most teens hate their relatives is that they are manipulative. They would say one thing on your face and run to other person to say completely the opposite.

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  1. keep in mind that you came alone into this world, and you’d leave it be happy and enjoy this life as you like and in your style…

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