Top 10 Sleepover movies of 2014 if you are 20 and above
01/Jun Top 10 Sleepover movies of 2014 if you are 20 and above

20 is an age where most of us start experiencing significant changes in various aspects of our personalities. Our fashion sense, our personal likings and disliking, our music taste and love for art, everything goes through a process of evolution and transformation. If you are 20 and planning a sleepover with your group of friends, watching a late night movie would definitely be on your list of doing things. I have compiled a list of 20 movies of 2014 that are worth being on your list of sleepover movies. When I say 20 and above, I am being exclusive because you do not want your younger siblings to watch these movies without adult supervision.

Okay so the first thing you need to do is to discuss with your friends what kind of a movie you want to watch. Are you in mood for a light comedy with adult humor? Alternatively, you are in a mood for something cute like a nice filmed chick flick. Is it raining outside and you want to watch a spooky horror movie? Or maybe you’re feeling inspired and want to explore the world of science and fiction? Once you have all agreed on what to genre to watch, you better prep up! You should probably some movie snacks like popcorns, soda, tacos, or perhaps even a beer. You are 20 and everything is legal now. I have mentioned the IMDB ratings to help you better decide your movie for the night.


  • Rom Com

    Rom Com

  1. 22 jump street – 7.8/10
  2. Sex tape – 5.2/10
  3. That awkward moment -6.2/10
  4. Walk of shame – 6.1/10
  5. The other woman – 6.1/10


Brief review:

I have personally seen all of these movies and I have to tell you one thing. I did laugh, a lot. The humor was subtle and witty and the acting was top notch. All of these movies benefitted from the cast as all the actors delivered their best performances. My favorite one was Sex tape and That Awkward Moment and I would recommend all of these for a major sleepover.


  • Chick Flicks

    Chick Flicks

  1. Her – 8.1/10
  2. Moms Night Out – 5.7/10
  3. TFIOS – 8.3/10
  4. Tammy – 4.8/10
  5. Begin Again – 7.8/10


Brief review: TFIOS finally had its movie adaption released and I, for one liked it moderately. Honestly, for me the book was much more intimate but the movie was a good effort nonetheless. Great acting has been delivered by Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlet Johansson in Her. Lastly, Begin Again is a musical genius starring Adam Levine and Kiera Knightly.


  • Horror


  1. Dracula untold – (unreleased)
  2. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – 5.1/10
  3. 7500 – 6.3/10
  4. The Purge: Anarchy – 6.7/10
  5. Honeymoon – 7.4/10


Brief review: I am personally not a big fan of Horror movies but I still managed to compile a list of the most anticipated horror movies of 2014. A couple of these have not been released yet.


  • Sci fi

    Sci fi

  1. Transcendence – 6.4/10
  2. Interstellar – (unreleased)
  3. Divergent – 7.0/10
  4. Lucy – 6.6/10
  5. The Giver – 7.2/10

Brief review: My favorite genre for a sleepover movie is Sci Fi. I will recommend all of these movies because of my personal liking. Shailene Woodley’s performance in Divergent was outstanding and Johnny Depp yet again managed to steal the show with his extraordinary acting skills in Transcendence.

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  1. i like watch a light comedy with great humor bcs in like that movies much lessons are hidden for us….and also we enjoy a lot for watching comedy movies…

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