Top 10 things men notice in women without them knowing
22/Jun Top 10 things men notice in women without them knowing

Are you wondering what are the top things men notice in women? I see women spend money on tons of makeup products, expensive clothing, and cosmetic surgeries to enhance and in some cases alter the way they look. The more money you have to spend on personal maintenance the merrier you are. What women fail to realize is that men might like you for how you look but it takes a lot more than just good hair and an amazing figure to make them fall in love with you. I won’t ask you ladies to stop taking care of your physical beauty and personal hygiene because that matters too. But to make a man fall in love with you requires you to put in some emotional and mental effort as well. You might need your face and body to catch the attention of a man, but to keep him interested you need to use your brain and other things.

  • How you walk, tells half the story.

How you walk, tells half the story.

A man can tell your character in 5 seconds, just by looking at the way you walk. Actions speak louder than words and men can analyze your body language and interpret it much faster than women. An aura of confidence in your gait and elegance in your hand gestures might be the first thing a man notices in you.

  • Your social attitude.

social attitude

If you’re being an outright bitch with a laid back attitude, chances are you’ll end up scaring all the real men. I’ll let you in on a top secret from the diary of real men, the nicer you are; the easier it’ll be for you to make a man go weak in the knees for you.

  • Your perception of the world.

Your perception of the world.

Men find sad women repulsive. If you have a positive approach towards life and a contagious smile, you will have no trouble attracting men. There is already so much sadness in the world, and the last thing a man would want is a woman who wines and complains about things.

  • Humor!


Pretty and funny is the most lethal combination in the entire world. Witty humor is a strong weapon to use on men because it reflects both your intellectual processing and your perspective on things.

  • Personal Hygiene.

Personal Hygiene

You can put all the mascara in the world to make your eyes appear bigger but if you don’t look clean and smell good, there is no chance in heaven that you can make it to your 2nd date with the same guy.

  • The kind of music you listen to

kind of music you listen

Your playlist says a lot about you and if you’re dating a man who is a music lover you should try to find common grounds with him. You don’t have to reveal your entire playlist just the parts which you think might interest him would be enough to get his attention.

  • Originality


A man can tell when a woman is faking it, and it is possibly the biggest turn off for a man. Be original, be yourself, you’ll find the right man who’ll love you for you.

  • Exposure


Men like to hang around with counter parts that understand them and compliment them. They look for people with exposure so that they can understand each other and get along well.

  • Not your past- never

Not your past- never

A real man does not care whether you were a practicing pious person or have a history of bad relationships in the past. This is just a misconception. If you find the right guy, he can help you fight all your fears of the dreadful past.

  • Your friends

Your friends

Well, this is a given. A person is known by the company he keeps and so are you. Men can judge people better than woman and can tell by looking at your social circle whether you are with the right kind of people or not.

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