Top 10 Eid makeover trends for Pakistan in 2016
15/Jun Top 10 Eid makeover trends for Pakistan in 2016

Eid is just around the corner, most of you must already be going through magazines, and fashion blogs to find out what should be your next fashion move for this exciting new season. We’ve all had fun with light pastel shades and neon colors in the summers but it’s about EID (read time) we push our looks to a more sophisticated edge.


  • EYES


This Eid is all about electric hues and bold metallic eyeshades. Blue is the new black and thick liners are your look for the season. Style yourself with a sexy metallic blue eye shadow and outline it with dark blue or charcoal black eyeliner. The bigger the better. The latest look on runway models involves spider lashes, which can achieved with nice mascara. Step out of your comfort zone girls! Because bold eye paints, are back in fashion and its time you doll up your eyes. Let your liners flow thick beneath your eyes because under eyeliners are the most anticipated fashion trend for Eid 2014. Time to put away your Naked 3 eyeshades.

  • Lips


Dark lipsticks are always a Eid trend. it’s that time of the year where you get to wear ultra-sophisticated lip shades of maroons, deep burgundy’s and blood reds along with browns. Anything to focus on your lips. Eid is all about going heavy on the makeup. Unlike summers where you went for subtle shades of peaches and corals. My personal favorite this Eid is Rimmel- Kate moss shades and Color Studio’s Matte collection. Avoid glittery and glossy lips.

  • Face

glowy faces with matte foundations

Perfect glowy faces with matte foundations are what we’ll be wearing this Eid. Avoid layers of base and highlighters. Your Eid makeup kit should definitely have a nice concealer and don’t forget to moisturize because you’ll be facing dry skin issues. My favorite ones are Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer and Clinique’s Moisturizers. Lay low on the bush girls! It’s not summer anymore.

  • Nails


metallic shades nails

Deep plums, maroons, grey and metallic shades of blues and greens are the right color code for your nails to go with your metallic eye makeup. Neon colors are so last season, time to embrace sophistication.

  • Perfumes


Time to go to Victoria’s Secret stores for scent shopping girls! Leave them boys breathless!

  • Hair

Voluminous hair

Wear your hair big this Eid because it is all about the 60’s! Voluminous hair is back with a flash. Sleek ponytails and low side buns are also recommended for evening cocktail parties. It’s time for women to dominate the planet earth.

  • jewelry

long necklaces

The perfect match for your Eid outfit is vintage inspired long necklaces. Long chains are back in style. a nice two chained necklace over a knitted kimono is exactly the kind of outlook you’re looking for.

  • Shoes

Ankle boots

Get your wardrobe filled this Eid with classy heels as well as ugg boots in darker shades. Orange is the new black this year


  • Bags


Get groovy with furry bags and handle style carry bags. Choose a color that is bold yet attractive


  • Scarves


Get some sexy scarves for yourself in all vibrant colors this Eid
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