TOP 10 ways to make money from blogging in Pakistan
02/Jun TOP 10 ways to make money from blogging in Pakistan

I know each one of you who is passionate about writing have had some questions rattling his/her mind for quite some time now. Can I make a career out of writing? Can I make reasonable money by becoming a blogger? Are bloggers being underpaid for an over exerting job? What are some appropriate channels through which I can initiate my blog and earn some pocket money? Contrary to the popular belief that bloggers are the most under paid people in any profession, I personally know people who started small but with time and patience, they were able to gain global recognition as bloggers are now working for some of the biggest companies in the world. I have devised a 10 step guide to acquaint you with the basics of monetizing your blogs.

  • Spot your passion

Sport your passion

If you want to make your career as a blogger, you need to be passionate about writing. Find out what truly inspires you and shakes up your inner writer. It’s okay to list down a couple of areas of interest for starters. You can select your niche at later stages. For now just explore your options.

  • Choose the One

chose the one

Brainstorm your ideas about each area you have shortlisted to find out which one brings out the best in you. There will be one genre, which you’ll be able to write infinitely about. Narrowing down is tricky because you need to have both knowledge and inspiration about your chosen topic/area.

  • Feasibility analysis

Feasibility analysis

Always take into account the practicality of your blogs. For instance if you are a product reviewer you are suppose to write from personal consumption experience of that product and you need to consider all the costs involved and purchase and consumption. You need to decide whether you can follow your passion in the longer run.

  • Target audience

Target audience

After the preliminary stages, you also need to decide what kind of readership you want. For who are, you are blogging and how well can you serve their interests? Remember you can’t please everyone and it is very possible that the people who actually read your blogs constitute a niche of the market you were targeting.

  • Search the market


Okay, now this is a very important step. You have to search the market for available writings/blogs/articles on the topic you’re interested in. your selling point will be that how unique your content is from all the available material online. Therefore, it is crucial to identify literature gaps in your area of interest to figure out what you can offer to your readers/followers.

  • Choose a platform

Choose a platform

Everything else that I’ve mention so far is part of the planning phase, now I’d like to take you guys one step ahead towards the implementation phase. If you’ve never been to the world of blogging before you will have to b extra cautious while choose you’re a platform for your initial blog launch. You can sign up for free blogging services to develop your initial audience and then later host your own blog. Or you could look for firms that actually pay writers to write research blogs. Either way you need to be patient because overnight success is just a myth. You can also blog on freelancing websites.


personality and ideas

Like I said before your content needs to be unique, reflecting your personality and ideas because chances are the people reading your blogs might as well be judging you. Therefore, you need to make sure your content quality is good, original, and plagiarism free. You should be able to build compelling arguments and update your content regularly. Your word will ultimately convert into money so they should be worth your audience’s time.

  • Market your own blog

Market your own blog

Select keywords for your blog so that your blog appears at the top of a search engine whenever a user enters a query that concerns your topic. For example, if your blog is about “latest winter trends” use key words like fur coats, warm and cozy dresses etc. secondly you need to market your blog on various social media platforms like facebook, twitter etc to attract your base audience. Your success as a blogger partially depends upon how well you market your blog.

  • Blog networking

Blog networking

Try to socialize with fellow bloggers who specialize in the similar genre as yours. Try to gain popularity with in the blogger community because after all your rivals are your colleagues and you might as well get to know them if you intend to make your career last a lifetime.

  • Link your blog with your own store

If you blog about android gadgets or cosmetics you can use it to launch your own personal online store where you can sell products and use your blog as marketing medium. Online stores have insignificant set up costs and when supported by good writing can help you earn a lot overnight.



Affiliate marketing


Another way to earn from blogging is to practice affiliate marketing where you can sign contracts with firms to write blog reviews of their products and set a commission fees. You can either promote other websites through your blogs, or work exclusively to promote company products.

Always make sure you are transparent

If you are earning monetary benefits every time your readers purchase product you’ve reviewed in one of your blogs you need to inform your readers.

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