02/Jun TOP ten Reasons why the Originals is better than TVD

Are you a TVD fan wondering if you should start watching The Originals or not? Because if you still haven’t made up your mind, this article might help you decide better,


  • Only Mikaelsons

Klaus Mikaelson

The best thing about Vampire Dairies was Klaus Mikaelson. Other than that TVD was a high school teen drama, which had absolutely nothing to do with vampires. TVD used Mikaelsons as supporting characters, which was painful for all the Klaus fans. I won’t be exaggerating when I say that I was the happiest person on this planet when I watched the first episode of Originals.

  • Mature plot


We all high such high expectations from TVD when it originally started, and I admit it, the first 2 season were really good. But since then, all I see is that the TVD team has been trying too hard with absolutely not script in hand. There was too much love, crying, and confusion in TVD. Which is why The Originals has to be the best vampire series ever. It has a unique script and adult plot which focuses on the lives of Mikaelsons. It is a splendid blend of emotions, drama, and thrill.

  • No more doppelgangers in grave danger

doppelgangers in grave danger

Aren’t you sick of the doppelgangers by now? Why are there so many versions of Elena and Stephen? why can’t they all just die? Theres so much confusion and chaos when Elena and Katherine are in one episode. so far I’ve come across 3 doppelgangers of Elena and Stephen and honestly its exhausting. .

  • There’s a War

There’s a War

The reason why The Originals is better than TVD is that it concludes every episode and gives us the closure we need. The war between humans, wolves, witches and vampires, it is exciting. We actually see Klaus and Elijah manipulate people from both the sides and its way better than that silly war going between travelers and Vampires in TVD.

  • Hayley and Rebecca


Believe it or not, The Originals would be incomplete without Hayley and Rebecca. TVD showed them both as mean, selfish women with absolutely no humanity but in The Originals, we see them both in a different light altogether. The romance between Hayley and Elijah is so captivating. And we’re all curious whether Rebecca returns to New Orleans in the next season.

  • Splendid collection of soundtracks

Splendid collection of soundtracks

Okay this maybe my personal observation but The Originals has a lot better music than TVD. Half of the songs in my ipod are from the show.

  • The witches Hex!

The witches Hex!
An entirely new concept, which could’ve made TVD a bit more interesting. Anyways I was relieved to see more witch action in Originals. Weren’t you tired of Bonnie, the only witch in entire Mystic falls?


  • Intrigue!


Baby Klaus. Yes , the biggest reason why you should be excited the new season of Originals is the miracle baby of Hayley and Klaus. aren’t we all curious how Klaus turns out to be as a father?


  • Curiosity


Does aunt Becca keep her safe? Will Hayley unite with Elijah? So many questions that make Originals Season 2, the most anticipated show for October 2014.


  • Awesome graphics

Awesome graphics

This one is of course undeniable


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