Top ten things your washroom says about you
15/Jun Top ten things your washroom says about you

I always judge a house by three things:

  • The size of its kitchen

  • How clean the washroom is?

  • How plain are the walls?

I know it sounds judgmental and superficial but that is how I’ve been brought up by my mother who’s a perfectionist. Whenever over the weekends we are expecting guests my mother immediately tells us (my brothers and I) to go check if our washroom is clean and in a presentable state. This is the very reason why my washroom is cleaner and prettier than my bedroom. I have come up with my own theory of why your washroom says a lot about you:


  • How organized is your vanity?

organized is your vanity

I know you want to show off your extensive and expensive collection of face washes and other toiletries by displaying all of them on your vanity and I will encourage this. But there’s a difference in displaying things and randomly placing on the vanity. people often over do things in a highly disorganized manner which is a major flaw in how they present their washrooms.

  • The soap


I personally judge people based on the condition of the soap in the soap holder. If its old, worn out and has hair coming out of it, I’m not sure how I managed not to puke. Dispose of such items which are nothing but filthy.

  • Your body wash and shower gel

Okay this may sound a bit too materialistic but the brand of your bath accessories speaks a lot about your extravagant taste. Also their condition is important, shouldn’t be over used or dusty. Clean them on regular basis.

  • The shower area itself

shower area itself

How you decorate the shower, area is important too. Always keep the pee-trap clean and hair free if you have excessive hair fall issue. A light, pastel shade curtain could do the trick. Make sure its dry and soap free because trust me if your guest slips and falls in the shower area you must run for the hills.

  • The toilet area

The toilet area

The toilet seat should always be up, clean, and dry. There should always be a tissue roll hanging by the side and stain free too (I’m talking about water stains). A small viper would also be helpful.

  • The toilet mat

The toilet mat

Also I’d very much appreciate a nice, furry floor mat around the toilet seat. a dustbin is a necessary item and should be in close proximity to the seat as well.

  • Floor mat

Floor mat

There should be a welcoming floor mat on both sides of the toilet door, which should blend well with the overall theme of the washroom. You could go with soft floral prints or plains and abstracts depending upon the size of the bathroom.

  • Towel (s)

Towel (s)
Oh a nice, fresh and clean towel hanging by the vanity says a lot about your personal hygiene and fashion sense. You could place a small roll on the vanity in a nicely decorated basket.

  • Books


Well if you have enough space in your washroom, you can keep some books to kill your time. Plus, the concentration you can get in the washroom is incomparable

  • Slippers


Do you have a specific slipper for your washroom or do you just take any sandal to the washroom and out.

Dania Khan
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  1. washroom should be clean and every thing related to the washroom should be place in order where it should be….this blog give us great info like this..

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