Top ten tips for finding the right guy for yourself
23/Jun Top ten tips for finding the right guy for yourself

We’ve all had our good share of childhood crushes and first loves. Some of us had the courage to pursue them, while the rest preferred to wait and let the storm of intense emotions pass on its own. Either way, none of us had the guarantee whether we were pursuing “the right one”. Every successful relationship is a miracle of fate and chance, and every unsuccessful one is a product of bad luck and numerous mistakes on your part. How can you ever know beforehand that the person you’re in a relationship with currently is the best fit for you out of the whole lot of eligible men? Worry not, because I have prepared a list exclusively for you to know in time whether you’re with the right guy.

  • He appreciates little things in life. Most importantly he appreciates you for who you are. He likes you for your personality, with all your faults and strengths and doesn’t ask you to change. Your physical beauty will only matter till a certain point; it is your brain he’ll love you for.appreciates little
  • He makes you laugh at the most unexpected times. Humor is the most effective form of communication. If your partner laughs at silly things with you and tries to find humor even in the lowest points of life, it means he loves you and is making an effort for you.makes you laugh
  • He compliments you rarely, but when he does he means it. The right guy will never throw unnecessary and random comments just to please you. He might compliment you rarely, but when he does, it’ll come straight from his heart and you’ll be able to feel its power. True love can move mountains, but true compliments can melt your heart.compliments you
  • You two connect over real things like love for music, food or action figures. Love maybe about accepting differences but if you’re in search for the right guy, try to look for some common love for music
  • You know you can trust him with your dark secrets because no matter what he’ll always try to understand rather than judge. If you’re religious or you like some weird band, he’ll never judge can trust him with your dark secrets
  • He’ll care about little things that matter to you. Caring is not enough; he’ll try to communicate that care through little gestures. You need to be smart enough to notice them.He’ll care about little things
  • He’ll give you presents, not the really expensive ones to impress you. It can be something as small as a new pen or pair of earphones cause yours broke a week back and you mentioned how much trouble you had to go through on your ride back home every single day. At the end of the day it’s all about timely consideration.give you presents
  • He will give you no bullshit. Everything he says or does is honest. If he tells you you’re wasting your time on your college friends, he’s probably right and loves you enough to tell you.
  • Do not be impulsive or rush with this decision. You will find the right guy at the right time. Don’t ruin your perception of love by being with the wrong personDon’t ruin your perception of love
  • He doesn’t discourage you. Positive criticism is one thing but he would never do something that hurts your self-esteem or makes you discouraged about yourself and your goals.Positive criticism
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