Tweet reveals the real name for Chai Wala
18/Oct Tweet reveals the real name for Chai Wala

Past 2 days we have all talked about the HOT Chai Wala in Islamabad. Whether you are a chai lover or not, you have shared, liked or tweeted about this green-eyed handsome tea seller spotted in Islamabad.

Chai wala aka Nasir Khan


Not sure whether true or made up, but this tweet claims he found the real account of Chai wala and his name is Nasir Khan. Now you have a name to fall for at least:)



Chai Wala In the News


First spotted by a part-time photographer Jiah Ali, at itwar bazar (Peshawar mor) the Chai Wala made his way up to stardom in no time. All the major blogs in Pakistan flooding your timeline and social media networks with pictures of this hot guy (actually one picture with different titles). We have seen Mangobaaz, Express tribune, Dawn news and others post about him. But that’s not all, blog giant BuzzFeed and our rivals across border have also taken this into consideration. Times of India declaring the Chai Wala, deadly nuclear weapon.




Chai Wala Tweets that Nailed it!


Twitter being the best place to find out hot trends and latest discussions, some tweets have absolutely nailed it when it comes to Chai Wala. Here is a sneak peak, fresh out of oven


Comparing India’s Coffee Wala with Pakistan’s Chai Wala


Critiques have taken this discussion to a whole new level by comparing the ever Famous Karan Johar with Chai Wala from Islamabad, and there is some truth to it too.



Twitter Poll for Firdous Lawn


This guy made it even serious with having a twitter poll for Chai Wala and Pakistan’s singing sensation, Momina Mustehsan.  Retweet for Chai Wala and favourite for Momina, lets see who gets the Firdous lawn.



The New Crush for Girls


After Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad, Pakistani Girls want such a Damad for their mothers. This tweet says it all, again having a comparison with Momina. Momina being known for most of the things but her singing, can’t you guys leave her in peace?




Chai Wala causing envy across border






Chai Wala for Elections, Anyone?


This dude has made a point seriously, If running for elections, I am more inclined to vote for him may be we can get some Equal-tea and Prosperi-Tea 😉





The New Model in Town


Here is some designer talent, with editing Chai Wala pictures in different costumes. Welcome the new model in town everyone…



That’s just about it, Maybe I will go grab myself a cup of tea or head to Peshawar mor looking for some hot tea by a hotter Chai Wala.



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  1. Don’t understand Indians, they have problem with everything of Pakistan, first pigeons, then balloons and now even with our Chaiwala.. 🙂

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