How to unblock a writer’s block
21/Sep How to unblock a writer’s block?

I’ve come across a lot of self help articles and blogs explaining some magical ways to get rid of your writer’s block. Some tell you to fight it so hard and so consistently and fool you into believing that you can actually unblock a writer’s block in its initial phases. They tell you of a dozen ways just to forecast a block (which to me sounds insane and unreal, no?!).

Contrary to popular conception (which time and again overstates the negativity of a block on your capabilities), I would like to present a different side of the story this time round.


Why do people dread a writer’s block?



Well like everything else we fear, a writer’s block is also a myth that’s been fabricated by the “wise” of the society. We humans have a tendency to fear things we can’t comprehend. So the very thought of being unable to organize our thoughts onto a piece of paper in a logical manner scares the hell out of us. That’s when we know “oh Lord! Today I have a writer’s block and I won’t be able to write anything because all of a sudden my brain has refused to function properly today”. Really? You think your brain just took a mini vacation in the middle of October? Well it doesn’t work that way. You still over think things, don’t you? Just think for a second, when you are going through a supposed writers block, does your brain really stop working? Are you really unable to think?

If your answer to the above-asked question is a big, fat, and obvious “NO” then you are already on your way to understanding a writer’s block. If however your answer is yes then I’m sorry we’ll have to part our ways right here, right now.

What is a Writer’s Block?



A writer’s block is just a myth. There’s nothing more to it except the very fact that sometimes our thoughts become scattered and portions of our logical thinking go astray. You are unable to organize your thoughts because unfortunately it’s a bad day. You need to relax mentally, your brain needs refreshing because you’ve been overworking it for a very long time now. Just know that whenever you find trouble organizing thoughts or concentrating on a single thing at time, it only indicates you’ve overworked your brain. You need some time off from writing to allow your brain enough time to reconstruct all the broken thoughts and put those stray neurons back in place. You don’t need to fear it because it’s self-healing. You don’t need to fight it because your brain needs renewed thoughts. So overall, a writer’s block isn’t damaging at all. In fact it’s a healing process which grants you with innovation, freedom and endless possibilities.

 How to deal with it?



How to deal with the block? well you just need to embrace it, instead of fearing it. Its okay to worry a little because sometimes the healing takes longer than expected and if you’re a writer on a payroll you don’t have the kinda time or the luxury to afford this self-healing. My point is, you don’t have to be afraid of the disconnected thoughts or delayed ideas. Give it time, and meanwhile do whatever you can to soothe yourself.

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