An Unfinished song, an unfinished thought
19/Sep An Unfinished song, an unfinished thought


Have you ever come across a situation where you listen to a song and you feel like it’s in perfect harmony with your thoughts? Do you ever feel like a song can take you to a place where time seizes to exist?  Do you feel like a song can have this much power, this much control over your neurons and hormones? That it can control your moods and direct your thoughts to a specific pattern and rhythm? I always tell my friends that music can only mean two things to people;

“Some people listen to music, others live it”

Those who listen to it would know little of what I’m talking about here, others would take less than a second to grasp the idea.

Have you ever come across …..

Teens sharing earphones, listening music outdoor. Summer time. Image is captured in 12 bit RAW and processed in Adobe RGB color space.

Have you ever fell upon a song, which makes you feel like it ended a bit too soon? Well, I did (and sadly one too many times). For example last week I accidently discovered this song “Aftermath by Vancouver Sleep Clinic” which was of a total duration of 01:41 Minutes. It was something out of this universe, transcending all sorts of timeframes and boundaries. For me it became something more than just a song. It became a phenomenon, that something so sweet, so serene ended before it even began. That’s how it is with all the good things in life, they end before they start creating this void, this sweet longing, this need to want to finish the song/thought. As I said, for some people music is just for listening, for others it’s a lifestyle.


I shared the song with a couple of my friends and they actually complained about me leaving them all puzzled, wondering what could the remaining song be like. The song had a total of four lines and I have to say those four lines were way more meaningful another song on the planet. I’ve imagined so many possible scenarios to complete that unfinished song, that unfinished thought which was transformed into such a powerful symphony. I’m still dazzled that how could a song have so much effect on our thoughts when we weren’t even there at its conception. It still haunts me, the idea of an unfinished song, the idea of unfulfilled desires, incomplete thoughts. The tragedy of life is that it has to end, what goes up must come down, what breathes out of clay has to go back to the raw mixture. Nothing lasts forever and this one song had the power to summarize the entire tragedy of human life.

Maryam Qureshi
Maryam is a keen observer and an avid reader which makes her writings insightful and strong. Loves to create lyrics off the record ;)

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