Use of heaters in dry weather like these days can be very dangerous
28/Dec Use of heaters in dry weather like these days can be very dangerous

We are facing a severe dry weather situation these days because of lack of rain. For the past 2 or 3 months, it hasn’t rained and because of this scenario, the weather these days is very dry leading to the emergence of so many diseases. In this cold weather, people have started burning gas or electric heaters to prevent from getting cold. But this prevention can cause you many other problems as well.

The condition is already dry and there is no moisture in the air. In a situation like this, if you light up heaters as well, it is going to absorb the remaining little bit moisture as well. Humidity in the air plays a very important role in the process of breathing as well as other several processes. It can cause a severe threat to life especially at night when you are about to sleep and turn off the heater just before going to bed.

using heater can be dangerous

Heater makes the air completely dry and when you breathe in this air, you are inhaling all the diseases side by side. It can lead to severe diseases like asthma, bronchitis, nose bleeding and sinusitis. Besides these respiratory diseases, it also dries the mucous membrane of the body which then leads to severe inflammation. Gas heaters produce toxic gas like carbon monoxide that forms a large number of pollutants in the surrounding air. This toxic air then causes harm to human health.

Ways to prevent this harm

Health experts say that if you want to prevent the diseases caused by heaters, you should always put a bowl of water on the heater as it somehow maintains the moisture of the room. Also, put some extra water bowls around the corners of your house and try maximum intake of warm liquids in such weather. Keep your skin moisture and do not let it dry.

put water bowls around corners

Take extra care in this dry cold weather to prevent getting caught by diseases.


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