What actually is a revolution
11/Jun What actually is a revolution?

With all the hype on social media about different nations fighting for a revolution, different political leader, ex-cricketers and stars including the “keyword” revolution in their agenda to strengthen their marketing campaign and make it more user friendly and optimized for youth engines, the question bugs me again and again what actually is a revolution. No, I do not mean a dictionary definition, for that I could easily spot in Wikipedia where it says,

“A revolution is a sudden or unexpected change in the organizational or power structures, derived from a Latin word- meaning turnaround”

Further, there are two types of revolution, the one in which the entire organizational structure falls and a new one is setup from scratch and the second where existing structures are modified. I am not going to talk about this revolution at all. I guess we all have already had enough of it. What is your definition of a revolution? Because my definition might come as a surprise to you

No blood shed


No blood shed

I have overheard many people saying, our country needs a bloody revolution. Even many well-educated and self-claimed enlightened ones have declared that it is sadistically true that a revolution without bloodshed will not help. There are individuals who are ready to die, others who are ready to kill. Nevertheless, for what? You might say this is how it all works. This is what our great ancestors and we have seen in the past. I disagree. I do not believe that the solution of death by poverty will come from death by violence. This does not make any sense to me. There would be many who are ready to sacrifice their lives, but wait a second, for what? Will it really make a difference?

Identify the core aim


Identify the core aim
Yes, a very very important thing you should know before you step out on the road with a board saying “We want X” or something like “Go Y go.” Do you even know why are you participating in this act? What actually is your reason else than all my friends are going? Alternatively, I want change? Or my favorite super star is going to host it? Or a guy who was an excellent sports man will be addressing us? Try to identify the real reason, why you think it would make a difference. Unless you are not clear on what you want and are only going out for some adventure, you will never experience a revolution. A very good piece of advice would be “Do not follow personalities, follow an ideology”

Change lies within




One of my favorite persons, very beautifully summarized this whole change idea “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This indeed holds true and is the best advice you will ever find. Whether at a smaller scale among your friends and neighbors or at a larger scale between countries and states you can always control the way people behave by changing your attitude. If someone is rude to you and you do not like it. Then, how should ideally react is being polite and humble. Treat others in a way you want yourself to be treated. It is important that you realize no one else can bring the change for you, if you want things to change you will have to take an initiative from yourself

Break out of the taboo


Break out of the taboos

No nation or generation can become free unless it gets rid of the old school of thoughts, social and cultural taboos, and the stereotypes that restrict them from thinking in a new and different way. A very wise woman said that do not teach your children what to think, teach them how to think. The problem in most of us is that we do not know the latter. If you are brave, enough to say goodbye to your old rituals and the imposed thinking process, only then you will allow yourself to accept the change and think differently. A revolution in mindset is far more necessary than a political one. Because it is the minds that need to break free to see clearly, what happens around you and who actually controls all this. Do these ideas make sense to you? Do you think bloodshed is mandatory for a revolution? Do you agree with me on the revolution in mindsets? Please feel free to express your views and add to my knowledge in the comment box or contribute to the story if you like

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  1. Normally I do not learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice article.

  2. Nice wording …we can not solve our problems with same thinking we used when we created them.Very interesting Blog.

  3. No bloodshed is not mandatory for a revolution…and i m agree with you on the revolution in mindsets…this is true written above

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