What’s better than Tahir Shahs new music video to start a New Year
02/Jan What’s better than Tahir Shah’s new music video to start a New Year?

Mankind’s angel is back with a bang! Our very own music diva Tahir Shah is here to share love and friendship with everyone. Tahir Shah gained fame with his very first music video in which he sang and performed Eye to Eye. His Eye to Eye was so effective that all those who lost their vision, were able to see again when Tahir Shah did his Eye to Eye magic with them. After this song, another one named Angel hit the music industry with the same intense like the first one. In that song, Tahir Shah was seen dressed up as an angel and was spreading love everyone in the form of an angel. How cute!

Tahir Shah

Okay, who was missing Tahir Shah? Because he is back once again with a new music video to start your New Year with. And this time, his song is all in Urdu. And that is the most shocking part of his new song. The title of this new song is Humanity Love where Tahir Shah is seen sitting on a Gold throne wearing a gold dress with a white cat in his hand.

Tahir Shah

The lyrics of his song are something like this:

“Muhabbat ha eman mera, pyar meri pehchan, sachhi muhabbat to ankhon k zariye dil ma basti ha, yhi muhabbat to taa-umar dil k ghar ma rhti ha.

Muhabbat ha farishta (angel), ankhon ma ha pyar, muhabbat ha eman mera, pyar meri pehchan. Izhar-e-muhabbat sachi muhabbat ka he ye israar ha, tu sachhi muhabbat krne se kyu darta ha? Jab sacha pyar sapnon ma apni muhabbat se kr skta ha.

To haqeeqat ma izhar-e-muhabbat krne se kyu darta ha? aray nuswa-e-muhabbat ka dosra naam he farishta (angel) ha. Tu farishton (angels) se muhabbat krne se kyu darta ha? Na dar wo tjhe zaror apnae gi gar teri muhabbat bhi farishta (angel) ha.”

Tahir Shah

I think he’s somehow obsessed with angels or the concept of angels. Oh, wait! Maybe he thinks that he’s an angel and he’s here to share love with every single human being. Awwwww how cute!

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