Whole world stands up with this Muslim YouTuber after he got kicked out of a plane
23/Dec Whole world stands up with this Muslim YouTuber after he got kicked out of a plane

Another year of the century is about to end and with each passing, by year we think that we have become modest in our own terms and also towards the society. But you know what! We are fooling ourselves! From deep inside, we are the same conservative people to point out differences in others. Racism is in the roots of every society and makes it way out somehow.

Adam Saleh is a Muslim YouTuber who got kicked out of an airplane just because he spoke in Arabic with his mother. C’mon are you serious? This is 2016 like literally! How can someone get so insecure with a person speaking a different language?

Muslim YouTuber Adam Saleh

Adam is a Muslim aged 22 years and lives in New York. He is a successful YouTuber and has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Adam was on board on a Delta Flight when he got into trouble with the management people because they were forcing him to leave the plane.


It is said that Adam was talking with his mom and some of his friend on phone in his own language. After a while, he was asked to leave the plane as other passengers got uncomfortable because of his different language.

No, seriously I mean what was he going to do with his different language speaking? Was it some missile coming out of his mouth or what?

Muslim YouTuber

Adam filmed this rude and intolerable behavior and uploaded it on his Facebook page. Since the time it got uploaded, all the Muslim community and even people from all over the world are standing up with Adam against this racist behavior. Even in his video, some people are seen to be objecting on this type of act.

Up till now, Adam’s video has reached more than 9 million views (last checked) and people are boycotting Delta Airlines as a protest against this unacceptable behavior.

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