Why your wardrobe in 2016 must have a Tulip Shalwar
19/Sep Why your wardrobe in 2016 must have a Tulip Shalwar


Tulip shalwar is the hottest design trend in women wear Pakistan. The latest design trend has been adopted by the ladies of Pakistan as well as major brands in the fashion industry like Gul Ahmed, Zainab Chothani, Nishat, and Khaadi. In the past, we did see the rise of dhoti shalwars and their spectacular combinations with short shirts. Now after a long regime of long shirts and capris in the fashion industry, the boom is back with the tulip shalwars or most likely the samosa shalwar. The famous Pakistani Blog, Mangobaaz has gone ahead and named it “No less than a revolution”, which is indeed true. From the college going teens to ladies attending fancy wedding occasions, the tulip shalwars have made it everywhere. Even the hottest superstars and celebrities have been spotted laced with this new weapon of attraction and charm in the fashion industry Pakistan 2016.

tulip shalwar

If you still haven’t gotten your pair of tulip pants at neither one of the largest marketplaces in Pakistan nor a physical outlet of a famous brand, then you definitely to add one to your wardrobe. And why even one, you can get different pairs in different colors as per your affordability and to match them with whatever shirt style you prefer as per your physique.


Why you definitely need a tulip shalwar this 2016


tulip-shalwar flapper

A tulip shalwar is must have because you can wear it any way you like and carry it with different shirt styles. Regardless of the fact whether you are skinny or bulky, you can use a pair of tulip pants in any dress type. The color shades are infinite and the styles are available in a wide range. You can try a tulip pant with buttons, a fancy lace, a simple cut or if you want to take it to the next level, try it with a revealing cut.


To make it easier, I have categorized how you can wear tulip shalwar as per your physique and body shape.


Tulip shalwar for skinny girls


The struggle is real for skinny girls, if you are slim and smart, everyone in the friends and family has remarks to make. They will ask you stuff like, “Khana nhi milta” “Hawa se urr na jana” “Kuch khaya kro beta” etc. Any dress you wear can be challenging because you have a slim physique. This time, you got nothing to worry about, because the tulip pants are as much comfy and suitable for skinny as they are for bulky women. You need to pick your tulip pant carefully and make sure it is not too tight. Pick one with a little flare, some embroidery at the end like this one rocked by ever hot Mawra hoccaine. Make sure that the shirt you pick is enough of a length so that you can look absolutely gorgeous in your new outfit. Here are some pictures to show you how you can rock a tulip shalwar with a skinny physique






Well yes, you can keep it simple yet delicate like Mawra, or go all fancy like the other picture and choose the right accessories alongside.


Tulip shalwar for bulky ladies


Skinny people think being skinny is tough, but ask someone who is bulky and you will realize the struggle they have. It is almost close to breaking into tears when you buy your favorite suit and still don’t look good in it because you are fat. The struggle is real and I feel you because I have been there. However, tulip pants can save you the tears and the disappointment because they can well suit a bulky person. You can carry it in several styles like with a casual kurti like this, not really sure about the Kala chasma though 😛


The other way around is to try a tulip pant with an open shirt, this helps you because it shows less of your body fat and more of the dress.Here is a formal wear idea from yasmin zaman for an open shirt with samosa shalwar


You can also use a tulip shalwar with baggy shirts because they will make you look more stylish and superb. Like in the pictures below






zaskia-tulip-shalwar                tulip-shalwar-fat-girls


Celebrities wearing tulip shalwar


Whether its Pakistani super talented Mawra or the hot actresses from across the border, everyone has given tulip shalwars a shot. Aliya Bhatt absolutely stunned the audience with her wear, while we have seen Ayesha Takia, Sonakshi Sena,  Tabo simply made an outrageous attempt at the latest trend with a bright yellow, and then there are many others in the list.

















Tulip shalwar at brands


In the beginning, people were anxious to know why the brands were not selling stitched tulip pants in cotton. We saw tons of tweets and facebook comments flooding the internet with such remarks. However, now you can buy your favorite pair in high-quality cotton at several brands. All the major brands are offering tulip shalwar accompanied with the latest embroidery and button styles. You can grab at one of your nearest stores or check them out in the pics below















Tulip shalwar discount sales online


In case, you haven’t got the time to go to a physical outlet and buy your tulip shalwar, you can simply go ahead and buy it online. There are hefty sales on daraz, dresses.pk, style99, Ali express, and several others. You would even find facebook ads with different shades and styles of tulip shalwars, so what’s the delay, go ahead and order yours today.

Blue tulip pants design





































tulip-shalwar-pair of 2














Tulip shalwar cutting tutorial


If you don’t want to buy it online or even from a store, and you prefer to stitch it yourself, then that is a great idea. You will save some money and get a custom design tulip shalwar as per your liking. Here is an image showing tulip shalwar cutting tutorial, it will help you easily create your own design from scratch.






If you need more help, you can simply watch this video about tulip shalwar cutting tutorial





That is all to report about the hottest trend in Pakistan for Tulip shalwars. The latest design trend is also called a tulip capri, a dhoti shalwar, a samosa shalwar or tulip trousers. You definitely need to add one to your wardrobe because it is stylish and classy both at the same time.

If you have are not sure which one to buy or where exactly to buy, ask me in the comments and I will be happy to help

Have fun.


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